Anyone with Diabetes and PCOS?

Why we all seem to carry it all around the waist...

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Anyone with Diabetes and PCOS?

Postby Angela1804 » Wed May 25, 2005 11:23 am

I would like to know if anyone's had the same kinds of symptoms using metformin.
I was put on metformin as well as Dianette(as a contraceptive) to help me lose some weight, I'm not that much overweight as I'm tall, but I hate that I've got a lumpy belly and hips. :evil:
The only problem is that I'm an insulin dependant diabetic and when I took metformin, I was told by my GP that I had to jiggle about my insulin because metformin would also lower my sugar levels. So on I go, taking the metformin (which is hard going, I do 4 injections a day, but 4 lots of tablets a day was a nightmare to remember LOL) but I kept getting really bad hypos (Low sugar) without any signs of them coming on.
Usually I get warnings, like feeling hungry, tired, dizzy, tingling lips, shaking and jitteryness... with metformin I got nothing until it was well under 2 (should be between 4 and 7), which is dangerous... I had to stop taking metformin because of it.
Has anyone else had their early hypo symptoms disappear when taking metformin?
Sorry for such a long post! :)
Ang xx

Postby Caz3639 » Sat Aug 13, 2005 1:01 am


I'm new to "Verity" but came across your posting which caught my attention right away!!!

I am also Insulin Dependent Diabetic (Type 1) and suffer from PCOS. I have never EVER heard or spoken to anyone who has both these conditions. Most people suffering from PCOS who also have diabetes are Type 2 (Adult onset) thus being the "type" that is normally associated with PCOS.

I assume it is much more rare to have Type 1 and PCOS.

Well where do I start???......I have been on Metformin to help PCOS related problems mainly weight!!! Although my Diabetic Consultant thought Metformin would also help me by reducing my insulin dosage slightly which in turn would help with weight loss. When I was on this drug (max. daily dosage) for nearly 3 years I never really lost much weight but I never gained any. I eventually came off this drug when I was extremely lucky to fall pregnant after 1 month of trying!!! Metformin is also suppose to help to reduce the risk of miscarriage etc. I stopped taking this drug about 14wks pregnant. However, mainly over the last year of taking Metformin I had a number of severe hypos where the paramedics were required. These have come with no warning signs. I am not sure if this was a result of the drug or the fact that I was controlling my diabetes so tightly before conception and during my pregnancy.

I was very lucky to have a very beautiful baby daughter 5 months ago who is fit and well. However, I am still suffering from hypo unawareness. I am in regular contact (weekly) with my consultant who can't understand why my awareness has been lost. He has changed my insulin a few times and he has mentioned that he may put me back on Metformin and is also considering the insulin pump.

My consultant (the best in Scotland - I've heard!) struggles to answer why my diabetes is never easy to control and I am a very strong believer that it is to do with also suffering from PCOS. These conditions (Type 1 and PCOS) clash!!

Would love to hear how you manage to cope with both these conditions and how your diabetes is controlled.

I currently take 2 injections of slow acting insulin a day and 3 of fast acting a day, so 5 injections a day and still can't get away from variable glucose levels. I can have levels at 1.9 and be totally fine, some at 3.5 when I am totally out of it i.e. fitting etc.

Would love to hear back from you, if you ever manage to see my reply!


Postby Angela1804 » Fri Oct 21, 2005 2:54 pm

Hi Caz,
Sorry I didn't see this message earlier... I hope you're still around on the board!
I'm so pleased to hear that you've got a lovely baby girl... we're going to ttc in about 18 months or so after our wedding and stuff, so it's great to hear of another diabetic having a healthy bub!
I'm also Scottish, but live down in England. We're hoping to move back up next year, so which consultant did you have so I can move into that area?! :wink:
Have you tried the DAFNE course? I went on it in June and have found that it's a godsend for my sugar levels... I now inject to what I eat instead of the other way around. I know that for every 10g of carbs I eat, I need 2 units of insulin at breakfast, dinner and supper and 1.5 units at lunch. It also encourages a mix of high and low GI foods to keep the sugar levels stable. I've also lost 12lbs from this. Before when I tried to lose weight, I'd cut my insulin, eat a salad and then end up hypo'ing and have to drink lucozade and sweets. Now I hardly ever hypo unless I've dosed wrong.
I hope you're still around and that we can talk... I think we're the only ones with type 1 and PCOS. :)
Take care,
Ang xx

Postby Mazarin » Sat Oct 22, 2005 6:33 pm

I finally started to read my GI book today..... I've had it about 3 months! :cry:

Postby Caz3639 » Wed Nov 02, 2005 7:12 pm

Hi Ang

Thank you so much for getting back to me. I had kind of given up thinking you had maybe moved on.

Great to hear your going to ttc after your wedding etc. Best thing I have ever done!! Although takes alot of hard work before/during and after pregnancy mainly with the diabetes. But it is well worth it. I could not have done it without the support of my consultant and specialist sister nurse, they are awesome.

I would strongly recommend if you do come back to your roots!!(Scotland) to see them even if you need to travel a bit. They are truly great people. Nothing is ever a bother to them. I had to see them somtimes 2-3 times a week and phone them everyday due to complications I encountered. I know that if they didn't look after me as well as they did I would not have had such a healthy baby at the end of it. They were my rock!!

The Diabetic Clinic I attend is at St. John's Hospital, Livingston, West Lothian. Although I stay in Fife I am more than happy to travel to be treated by them although I have a Diabetic Clinic at my local hospital less than 2 miles away!! I know that people travel further than I do just to be seen by this guy. He is GREAT!!! The whole clinic is great.

I haven't managed to attend a DAFNE course as yet it seems to have taken a while to get up here in Scotland but I have been told that the hospital now has the funding for this. So I am on the list! It seems to be working well for people. :lol: Sounds like you have got it mastered.

I would love to chat with you to compare notes etc.!!!
Maybe you could email me at -
As you said it seems that we are the only two who have Type 1 and PCOS.

Hope to hear from you soon for a chat.

Take care

xxx :D

Postby Jo Jo » Tue Aug 08, 2006 12:13 pm

Hi Caz and Ang,

Make it 3!!! I am diabetic - type 1 and also just been diagnosed with pcos.
Im going to see doctor next week to see about starting Metformin - but im really worried about going low and not realising! at the moment i get the obvious symptoms and can sort it out.

I have been ttc for 6 years and got told we have unexplained infertility, so this is another added problem, i have no doubt it will end up ivf for us :(

But its great to be able to talk to people in the same boat as me!!!

Good luck to you both

Love Jo x
Jo Jo

Postby Fuzzykit4 » Tue Apr 03, 2007 7:49 pm

And 4! I've been Type 1 for 22 years and also diagnosed with PCOS. Are any of you still around??

Postby LittleDot » Wed Apr 04, 2007 4:23 pm

Make that 5!!
I've been diabetic (type 1) for over 23 years and recently been diagnosed with PCOS after 12 months of TTC.

Love Dot
me 30, DH 32
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Sept05-started TTC
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Glucose intolerance v Diabetes

Postby Barbie Doll » Thu Apr 12, 2007 11:29 pm

Hello everybody,

For some time now, my GP has talked about my Glucose Intolerance, but now believes this has stepped up to Type 2 Diabetes. I went for a fasting glucose test the other day, and am awaiting the results. My GP is not good at explaining things too well. Anyone shed any light on the Glucose Intolerance thingy ?

Barbie Doll

Postby Mazarin » Wed Apr 18, 2007 10:51 pm

There is an article here for you that might be of interest…

Normally Glucose Intolerance is otherwise known as Pre-Diabetic.

If you become a Type 2 Diabetic and the way to find out is for the results of the fasting blood sugar test you GP may send you for a Glucose Tolerance Test to the hospital. This is a simple fasting blood test before you drink a sugary drink (some places you get Lucozade!) then you sit and wait and your blood sugar is re-tested normally two hours later… if the results are over a certain level then you would be diagnosed as a diabetic!

I only found out I was a Type 2 Diabetic when I had routine blood tests done to determined PCOS. A first fasting test came back high so it was repeated that too was high, so then I took the GTT which was HIGH!

Low and behold I was told I had type 2 diabetes. Now taking 3 different forms of tablets for it and if no improvement in August then next step insulin!

Postby sooz » Sat Apr 19, 2008 3:48 pm

Make that 6!

I was diagnosed as a Type 1 diabetic in April 1984 and diagnosed with PCOS last Tues (16 Apr 08) although I've suspected having PCOS for the last 10 years. I'm now 34, living in Enfield, England with my boyfriend. I'm going to have a blood test at the end of May for hormone levels and then I'll be talking to my GP about how I can best manage both the diabetes and PCOS.

It's so good to hear there are people out there with the 2 conditions as I find it so hard to cope sometimes especially when my emotions are all over the place! It's hard coping with the diabetes at the best of times, let alone having PCOS as well. I'm not sure about going on Metformin as I've read mixed reviews but I guess my GP can advise me on this. I'm not TTC yet either but it has left me stressing about whether we have a family or not.

I'd welcome someone to chat to....Sooz :D

make it 7!

Postby jacjac » Thu Jan 29, 2009 7:43 pm


make it 7 - me too, type 1 and PCOS plus all the other guff. and hell yeah, these conditions really do clash. i have a very 'brittle' diabetes (swings of hi to lo and back again, hypos: lack of awareness, then very good awareness - totally random, retinopathy as well :roll: :roll: ) and well, you can see my other posts/rants about how evil metformin is.

thing is, my diabetes is changing - i am developing insulin resistance and a pump may be called for to simply get the amount of insulin into me that i need to even get it to work. my diabetologist is simply baffled.

crikey - BFP - EDD 25 Dec 2011 but will be deliverd 2-3 wweks early, fingers crossed for an amazing Christmas 2011.
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Postby samone » Sat Oct 03, 2009 4:51 pm

I was diagnosed with PCOS about 14 or 15 years ago, I was told i was insulin resistant 5 years ago, and 4 months ago i was told that i had type 2 diabetes.
it really did knock me for six, and i am still trying to deal with it.
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