Feeling helpless ....

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Feeling helpless ....

Postby Lilly_PCOS » Wed Aug 02, 2017 5:05 pm

So my husband (38) and I (35) got married towards the end of last year. I came off my pill at end of September with the intention of starting to try for a baby in January. My cycles seemed to be normalising starting at 6 weeks, then 5 weeks and I expected the third cycle to be around 4 weeks but it just never came, once it started to go past 5 weeks I got concerned and went to the doctor ( my skin was also starting to go spotty, which I've never had). He said it was just to do with the pill and kickstarted my periods and gave me clomid. On the first round we fell pregnant but at my 11th week scan I was told I had suffered a silent miscarriage. I waited 7 weeks for my first period and went back to the doctor, he then broke the news I had polycystic ovaries (no tests taken) gave me more clomid and told to try again. When I went back mid cycle for the follicle check I was told it hadn't worked and I was to start taking metaformin and come back in two weeks for more clomid. I was concerned as he didn't take blood tests so I went to another doctor she did tests and said all my hormones and insulin were normal so I should not take metaformin. What she could see was that my LH was a lot higher than FSH and she could see I had a slightly polycystic ovary. She has now given me another round of clomid but lowered the dose from 100mg to 50mg. I have read that there are different types of PCOS and it seems I have type 2' elevated LH ratio, spots and lack of periods - I'm not overweight, no insulin resurgence and no unwanted hair. Has anyone else had this? Did you conceive? How did you correct it? I have an appointment with the doctor on Friday but my head is bursting with questions. Any advice would be greatly appreciated?
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