Possible newbie: advice

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Possible newbie: advice

Postby hsi93 » Wed Jun 15, 2016 10:48 pm

Hi girls :)
So I'm 23 and for the past few yrs, I've noticed my periods playing up. It didn't bother me that thy never came on time, I mean I preferred not to have my periods. This usually happened during exam season and so I put it down to stress. Well, last October, I was diagnosed with asthma for which I started taking stripes for a week, prednisolone. Now I'm well controlled on pulmicort inhaler which has minimal system absorption. But since around November time, I started noticing my side burn hair getting longer an now they are getting darker :( it makes me so sad. It's not as bad as some other people, but I've become really self conscious which really shows you how vain I am :( I'm currently studying abroad and have made a dr appointment for July. My mum always says that we are not a hairy family especially since my family is from the subcontinent. But I feel like I have a family histoy of pcos as both my sisters were diagnosed in their late teens. And I've started gaining weight and my face is oily an now I'm getting paranoid and seeing hair where I shouldn't. I don't know if it's really there or I'm looking too carefully. I feel like my dr won't take me seriously as the hirsuit ism is not too bad and she may attribute it to my heritage assumingly. Maybe it's to do with my asthma?

I'm so confused. It's all I keep thinking about and I get really sad about it. I'm not sure whether to hVe laser as it can make it worse :( I've never had to even worry have shaving my legs as the hair is so fine but I'm freaking out coz my face, well everyone sees :(
I tink I'm gonna get depressed about this as it really gets me down.

I know all I can do is wait to see my doc and hopefully they carry out the tests to confirm or not. But I'm freakibg out!!

Sorry for wasting your time but I just need someone to talk to who understands

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Re: Possible newbie: advice

Postby hsi93 » Thu Jul 21, 2016 2:34 pm

so just an update, I've been diagnosed with pcos after taking a blood test. the doctor said that only my testosterone levels were high but the other factor they look at was in the normal range. i didn't have an ultrasound or anything. i asked about the pill as its important to correct the hormonal imbalance but she said no as i don't need contraception, which didn't make any sense to me as the pill is not only used for contraception. she's given me a cream call vaniqa to use twice a day. does anyone have any positive feedback from using this alone? your advice would really be appreciated
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Re: Possible newbie: advice

Postby Hols969 » Fri Jul 22, 2016 12:09 pm

I went on the combined contraceptive at 15 due to pcos and it does keep the hair at bay, it slows it down considerably. You are not vain noticing the hair - ladies are seen as hairless everywhere you look so it is not vanity it is more to fit in.

I would push for the contraceptive pill (must be combined to help the pcos symptoms), your GP should know that this helps control the symptoms. Perhaps ask to be referred to an endocrinologist (check out the NICE guidelines as it says what to expect with pcos diagnosis)

It can come down the male line as well so your mum may be thinking of the female side when she says they are not hairy.

The other option is laser, nothing is permanent sadly, and it does depend on your skin type, but it worked for me (and my beard) and changed my life (which sounds daft) but I no longer felt self conscious of my face. It is expensive and you do need to maintain it but for me it was money spent well.
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