Diagnosed with PCOS - incorrect diagnosis?

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Diagnosed with PCOS - incorrect diagnosis?

Postby milliet123 » Tue Aug 25, 2015 1:32 pm

Not sure where to post this so just put it here.. Sorry if I'm in the wrong place! :-)
I was diagnosed with PCOS just after turning 18, and am now soon to turn 22. I had spent my teenage years suffering excruciating periods and pain when ovulating and having very irregular periods (sometimes extremely heavy and sometimes none at all). I went to see my GP multiple times who always sent me home with pain killers telling me everything would become a little more "normal" as I got older.. I kept returning insisting (everybody knows their own body, right?!) that something wasn't right and eventually gave up going back. It was only when I collapsed 4 years ago, in so much pain I felt like I had just been stabbed in my abdominal area and was rushed to hospital that I was finally sent for a scan. The scan clearly showed obvious cysts on my ovaries and I was sent home being told I have PCOS.
I went to see my GP who put me on the contraceptive pill to regulate my periods (is this normal?) and gave me painkillers. My periods are a lot more regular than they were, so it must help a little and the pain is overall, a little easier. However, when ovulating I do still get a lot of pain (more than normal) and often a severe discomfort and pain during sex. In the past few months I have been in more pain and discomfort than normal and can feel an obvious swelling on my mid/right side (I was told the severity was more on my left). I was three weeks late for a period a month or two ago and bled for nearly two weeks on my last period also. I have returned to my GP multiple times and despite telling them this I have always been sent home with painkillers and to "wait and see how it goes" and "wait for my next period". I saw another doctor between this time who told me to take a pregnancy test, although I told them I was very sure I wasn't pregnant.. it came back negative.
My main concerns are if I do actually have PCOS and if so, am I being treated properly? Each doctor I see, is often surprised when I tell them I have PCOS as I am not overweight, I have had no excess hair growth, I do not suffer with acne. I've also had many many blood tests that always come back normal (this is because I am prone to fainting). I clearly have cysts on my ovaries and suffer with many of the other symptoms but feel that maybe due to the cysts they have decided that this is what I have, and not really looked in to any other options? Am I just being silly? Are there any other people out there who don't suffer with some of the same symptoms? Is this quite common?
I have booked another appointment with a new GP and will be asking for another scan, again. I haven't had one in years and can almost feel that something isn't right in that area and the pain is starting to worry me again.
Any opinions on this would be great... Am I worrying too much or should I try and seek a different opinion/advice?
Thank you x x
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Re: Diagnosed with PCOS - incorrect diagnosis?

Postby Buttons » Tue Nov 17, 2015 10:13 pm


Did you get this sorted?
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