Op date looming

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Op date looming

Postby Kingshott26 » Tue May 19, 2015 11:29 pm

Good evening ,

I have known for 2 half years that I have pcos.
At that stage I had 23 cysts on one and 8 on the other.
My monthly were all here and there and at one stage I was on for 6 weeks.
This where my doctor told me I was boarder line and there was nothing they could do to help me.
The best thing I could do is start trying for a baby. (Because I was young I would have a better chance now than the older I got) I was 21 years old. Shocked was not the word!

We sat down and spoke about it and decided 6 months in we would try.
We was told that we would have to wait for two years before they would investegate once we started trying.

We have returned due to not conceiving. We brought the clear blue ovulation digital kit. That didn't work :(
Went back to my doctor and expressed my concerns they refered me to our local hospital.

The consultant had a look around and booked me in for a scan. I got a scan date pretty quick and turned up and he was performing it.
In this scan you can quite clearly see the right oviary and the cysts but on the left he can see an internal bleed within the ovary. It's started meauring this. It was 44mm by 34mm.
So he said there and then that he will be performing the op. He will be drilling in to the right ovary and he will be investigating the left during the op. The nurse then turned around and said has I had my tubes check. Which I replied no.
To her response was well your now be placed on a waiting list for 3-4 months. So off I went expecting a date soonish

Well to my surprise within a week I had a date through well two dates

A pre-op this friday 22/5/15
An a op - date Friday 29/5/15
Two week notice. Fast for the nhs.

Has anyone else has has the same problem? What was your outcome?
Also what was your recovery rate and how fast was you back at work?

I told my boss and it seemed it was such a major problem.
To the find out that he had only booked me off for the Friday (op day) , Saturday and the Sunday
This is surely not enough time 1 day for the op 2 days to recover.
Just starting to get a little overwhelmed by it all but trying to keep it in my mind that hopefully through all this pain we will have a little bundle of joy to hold in our arms soon!
Thanks for any feed back
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Re: Op date looming

Postby Hols969 » Mon May 25, 2015 7:58 am

Its not too bad really, its more you feel quite bloated as they put gas in you I think, I had a week off afterwards but it depends on the type of job you have. When I had a laparoscopy they zapped the cysts and checked my tubes (zapping the cysts can give you a window of opportunity (about 6 months) to conceive naturally.

Good luck, worth having done, then the next step would be clomid probably, there is a time limit on it so having the other tests done first is good so you dont waste your clomid!
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