newly diagnosed, not having a good cycle...

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newly diagnosed, not having a good cycle...

Postby purplep » Thu Feb 12, 2015 10:26 am

I first realised something wasn't quite right back at the end of 2013, it took 2 referrals at 2 different hospitals to finally get my diagnosis last month.

We are ttc and have never used pill for contraceptive before, but I thought I'd give the suggested norethisterone a try.

On a 10 day break now, but it's been an awful cycle, one of the worst in terms of lengthy bleeding. The 2 tablets, twice a day for days 1-20 isn't in the info leaflet. Has anyone taken them in this way before? I've never had any trouble having a period, usually cycles of 30/31 or more. I've no idea on when the bleeding will stop or when my next period will be.

Had an emotional battle on phone this morning to get an appt with my GP. It's not very encouraging & I feel so on edge.

Sorry for the whinge, Dr in my consultants team said my pcos is mild but the diagnosis has hit me harder than I thought.
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