RESEARCH PROJECT - Body composition and vascular function

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RESEARCH PROJECT - Body composition and vascular function

Postby Lutzomyia » Wed Feb 16, 2011 1:58 pm

Dear All,

Please take a few minutes to read this research summary and if you are suitable please e-mail Melanie Hargreaves at Ethical approval has been given by the appropriate committee.

Thank you

Tracy Nevatte - Verity Research Officer

Blood pressure and the amounts of fat and muscle a person has can be an indicator of heart disease risk and may be able to act as an ‘early warning system’ to allow earlier interventions to occur in otherwise healthy people. Understanding how these measurements vary within population groups is key in using them to shape future monitoring and treatment.

Women with PCOS (around 5-10% of the population) may be at increased risk of heart disease and diabetes. Symptoms of PCOS may include being overweight, having excess hair growth and fertility problems. Why this occurs is not fully understood but it is now recognised that there are also potential long term health risks which need to be effectively managed.

This study aims to investigate how body composition and the heath of the blood vessels can be most accurately measured in people both at high and low risk of cardiovascular disease (in this case women with and without PCOS respectively).

Participation will involve completion of a three day food and activity diary, and one visit to the University of Surrey for a maximum of two hours for measurement of height, weight, blood pressure, blood vessel function (a painless, non invasive technique) and waist to hip ratio and collection of a fasting blood sample.

These will be analysed anonymously for the purposes of the research and you will also be offered a copy.

If you are interested in taking part in this study please contact Melanie Hargreaves at:
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