random dizziness

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random dizziness

Postby jazzy » Fri Oct 08, 2010 1:11 pm

Hi Ladies

Wondered if anyone could help me out. I havent had a headachache/migrane thats made me dizzy since I was a child. I am now 19 and I had a dizzy spell on Monday for the first time ever! The corridor was spinning and I could just about see to get to my college manager's office where I had a meeting. I started to feel fine again while sat still in her office so I didnt mention it to her... was fine driving back to my flat and the next day I was ok. However on wednesday, my carers (as im disabled) came in to put the lights on... I responded with F*** turn that off and my head and eyes hurt sooo much! they didnt turn the light off and I got up to go to my drama sessions but an hour into them, I was so dizzy and heady that I had to come back to bed all day wednesday and all night... mentioned to my new doctor the day before (he was a male).... he didnt seem to think much of my dizziness. However I have been really like extra thirsty lately drinking LOADS more than I used to (especially water). I looked up symptoms of diabeties on diabeties uk and I get at least 3 symptoms.... regular genital itching/thrush, increased thirst bigtime (never drank so much water in my life), some extreme tiredness and occassional blurred vision - sometimes I just randomly cant stay on the PC for long or whatever because my eyes hurt.... I also havent eaten chocolate since tuesday the day before I was ill and i dont eat that much chocolate.

Would appreciate any info advice please? Im a bit anxious and not sure whats going on? could anyone shed any light on this.

Thanks. Holly (Jazzy) xxx
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Postby Isolate. » Wed Nov 03, 2010 1:05 am

I get dizzy spells, but I also tend to lose control of my limbs and the dizziness wont go away until I faint. This has been happening since I was a child (not as often now thankfully).
It is scary, but everyone seemed to think I would "grow out of it".... A few years ago it happened to me on a busy road, I fainted, thankfully wasn't hurt.... But I wish I could make it stop.
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