im a newbie (only to the forum!!)

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im a newbie (only to the forum!!)

Postby bev2772 » Wed Jun 15, 2005 1:08 pm

Hi. Where do i start?! Well as my post title says i am new to the forum, but i am not new to living with pcos. I decided now was the time for to join the forum and share my experiences and hopefully support others.

Its going to be a long one so either log off now or make your self comfortable!!

At the age of 15 my periods started, and boy did i have problems. I was very irregular and hated not knowing when it would come or how much of a pain it would be this time. After sufferring like this for a year an a half I visited my gp who told me it was just my teenage hormones settling down. he also said that i was overweight and loosing weight would help. Why is it all doctors point out the obvious when comes to our weight?

At the age of 17 i decided to go on the pill. It was great having regular periods! But as my weight continued to increase no matter what diet i followed i was told to come off the pill as this could be the reason.

By this time I was 19 in a relationship with my now husband and studying at uni and the last thing either of us wanted was for me to fall pregnant so we used other methods of contraception, most of the time!! 3 months after coming off the pill still no aunt flo! Off to the gp i went - its the pill coming out your system i was told. So months and months went by and in 2001 at the age of 21 i went back to the gp again. Again told you are fat. Lose weight and you wont have a problem. By august i was desperate. I was so stressed and emotionally charged all of the time. My weight had ballooned to 21st. I am a comfort eater so being told you're fat lose weight wasnt the answer! Back to the gp i went and this time i saw someone new. When he asked my what was wrong i just broke down and told him everything, and bless he listened to it all. He knew i was at uni studying to be nurse so knew i had some medical knowledge. He told me he was concerned and would refer me to a gynaecologist. I asked what for and he told me i think you have pcod. I had no idea what he was talking about. I What is that i asked. It means you will never have children, was his answer.

Oh my god! It wasnt something i wanted there and then, nut craig and were getting married the following year and would at some point by trying for a baby.

I waited till December 2001 to see the gynaecologist. He told me a bit about pcos but he felt the problem was my weight and that they would not be able to help me if that was the case!! He said he would send for a scan and blood tests anyway. I had my tests done the following week and when i had my scan i asked them to tel my if they found anything. Yes - suggestive of pcos, but would need bloods to confirm.

I was sent an appointment to see an other consultant in Feb 2002 who deals with infertility (i hate that word). we decided to go on the pill and take metformin until october, after our wedding. the metformin made me ill!! my gp advised to stop taking, so i did. By april i was desperate to start trying so we did, to see if we might be lucky naturally.

We werent. In oct 2002 we started clomid. By march 2003, still nothing and had maxed out on the clomid. I needed a laparoscopy. I was dreading it. I know that i work in a hospital but i make a bloody awful patient!! and i didnt want any more bad news. Thankfully it was ok, nothing new to report i was told.

In may 2003 we started injection treatment with gonal f. At first we werent succeeding but in sept 2003 i recommenced metformin and bang we had a follicle big enough to pop! But no baby came of it. We decided to have some time out in jan 2004 as the last few years had begun to take its toll. By july we started again. But by december we had admit defeat. I was ovulating but no baby!

IVF- next option, only remaining option to have our baby. Private IVF was going to cost a fortune but would be worth it. Referred to high profile centre with apparently very goog reputation. Jan 2005 recieved letter from them telling me i was too fat and would not be eligible for treatment! How dare they without even meeting me! They said they would not touch me til me BMI was below 30. My weight at that time was 20st 10lb BMI 45! To get a bmi of 30 i would have to weight 13st! No way would that happen! I gave up, i had had enough of being told i was too fat.

I went on the HFEA website, to start official complaint proceedings as they state you have been seen before any acception or rejection of treatment, and discovered there was another centre locally that provided IVF. I emailed them and got the reponse i wanted. They would see us!

In feb2005 we had our first consulation. The consultant was very supportive and helpful. he said yes my weight was a problem but if i was willing to work at it they would accept me for treatment once my bmi came below 40. hooray, an achievable target! he also recommended i try the south beach diet, very good for pcos he says.

so i did. The weight came off slowly but as soon i ate carbs it went straight back on! I went back to the centre in may and my bmi was now 41. Hooray, progress! we reached an agreed target of 38 and made appointments for tests to get the ball rolling!

We go back in august for our 1st counseling and information session. Unfortunately i have put on some of the weight i lost so im working twice as hard now to loose it.

It is such an emotional journey, but I know it will be worth it in the end.

Im sorry if have bored you silly, but it feels good to share, knowing that other people have been through this too. It is a nice feeling knowing that we can support each other because only we know how this feels.

Postby Mazarin » Wed Jun 15, 2005 4:14 pm

Thanx for sharing your story, I was in tears reading that... all the best for the future... at my first gyn appointment today the nurse told me I need to lose some weight.... god really? I had not noticed! It's so easy for them to say but they wanna put thereselves in our shoes...

Anyway I have to wait 5 months for a scan appointment so have set at target of losing 60 lbs by then :roll: which will get me to 20 stone... I feel the next couple of months are gonna be so hard...

Postby kat » Wed Jun 15, 2005 8:15 pm

Hi Bev :lol:

Thanks for sharing your story - i felt quite emotional reading it. I suppose i am at the beginning of what i fear my be a very long road. (i was only diagnosed a month ago)
Take care and good luck with the weight los - it's hard but i think the low GI diet is very good. In case you dont know there are two very good books to help:
The low GI guide to managing pcos - Dr Brand-Miller
PCOS Diet Book - Colette Harris

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Postby smegbot » Thu Jun 30, 2005 11:40 pm

Hi everyone

I too am new to the forum but not to pco, I was diagnosed 12 years ago when I was 22. I have amazingly only just found this website, whilst browsing an unrelated subject, how I wish I had found it years ago! It seems that I have been through just about everything that many of you out there have been through - bad periods as a teenager/weight problems/conception problems and finally ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. I too was met with disbelieving doctors who said you are having problems because you are overweight when in fact I was overweight because of my problems!

I have only just discovered the link with diabetes and pco...this has set me off worrying a little as my sister was diagnosed with diabetes about 6 months ago and my gran had it too. Tomorrow I am going to take the first step to do something about this and have a urine test...bit scared...hope it is going to be ok...

Thanks for listening, I only meant to say hello!

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