Relationship problems and hair - what to do!

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Relationship problems and hair - what to do!

Postby Immy006 » Mon Mar 21, 2016 9:21 pm

I'm still battling with confidence. The worst symptom for me is being hairier than most women in places like the face. It's horribly embarrassing and I have already had one course of laser treatment and am having another one currently. Last year I finally made the plunge to get in the dating game and was honest about my abnormalities from the start.

The problem was they never really showed in photos so i was accused of being deceptive and dishonest which really hurt. i was humiliated when everything was going well while we dated as i was told later on that the only thing he didn't like was the 'hair' and that we wouldn't work if it stayed. (because of course it was my choice to have this condition. not!)

after seeing me in tears he decided he would 'be there for me' and apologised and that we would work on the weight loss and hair problem together. i met him again this march and he knows i have started another course. Things seemed to be going fine when i saw him but then he bought up how he was unsure about things again and admitted he was feeling impatient with seeing the changes in me like the weight loss and hairiness. I asked him if I lost the weight and the hair if I would then be good enough and he did not know the answer. He is reluctant to leave me and wants to stay but says he does not want to keep hurting me. I feel so insecure right now and he does damage my self esteem even if it's not on purpose. What do I do? :(
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