Scared to have a baby because of excessive hair growth.

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Scared to have a baby because of excessive hair growth.

Postby Buttons » Sat Nov 28, 2015 10:03 pm

So the time has come where my husband & I are thinking to try and conceive.

I have had hirsutism & acne ever since puberty, it got really really excessive that I was having a lot of laser and eventually was put on yasmin & spironolactone, which has helped alot.
I have been told I have Idiopathic Hirsutism or oversensitive hair follicles (due to genetics?)
I have reduced dose of spiro this year and have notice regrowth happening.

I just cant face having an excessively hairy stomach when i would have a scan and also excessively hairy breasts when breast feeding, it feels so wrong and degrading. I feel so desperately sad. Basically I dont want to be know as a bearded pregnant lady.
Also if my hirsutism is down to genetics (by the way nobody in my family has this problem), if I had girls would they have this problem too?

I know these are big questions and I suppose I just want someone to talk to really.

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