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Not PCOS, then what?

PostPosted: Wed Jan 25, 2012 1:26 pm
by mango
Hi l'm new to posting on this forum, but have had PCOS symptoms since the birth of my 1st child 13 years ago: no symptoms prior to that, not even any acne as a teen. Now 38 and since childbirth dark, coarse, hairy chin, legs (esp bikini area), arms and toes! Very greasy, spotty skin, extremely painful ovulation, though periods every 3 weeks. Few years ago G. P. referred me to gyno for ?pcos at my request: just about too many cysts showed after scan, but all hormone levels within normal and in balance.

Dr said not PCOS but a sensitivity to androgen. Never been on any pill before but a year ago, after reading this forum, asked for Yasmin. First 9 months very anxious/depressed, now have finally adjusted to pill and ok as long as l don't have a break. Tried metaformin before that - too much vomiting etc so stopped. Normal weight, exercise a lot. Skin spot-free and not greasy, no ovulation so no pain there now. Still just as hairy! Tried laser or was it IPL? 7 years ago- v. expensive, no less hairy. Booked into sk:n for another go tomorrow - dark hair, pale skin.

What is the difference between Pcos and androgen sensitivity? Really want to know why being pregnant etc triggered this? Are there no national people who are experts in this or who are interested? Is there no where to discover why this happens? Any advice appreciated. x

Re: Not PCOS, then what?

PostPosted: Sun Aug 23, 2015 8:35 pm
by Buttons

Have just seen this post and realised it was from a while ago.

Was just wondering if you managed to get any answers to your questions?
Did you have any more blood tests?

Re: Not PCOS, then what?

PostPosted: Mon Aug 24, 2015 9:45 am
by mango

Thanks for reply!

Now 42, still just as hairy, some acne, pain upon ovulation and before period, half a stone heavier, no longer do intense exercise as lost fitness after bike fall. Came off Yasmin soon after that post i think, mostly no longer anxious/depressed. I have never met anyone who has developed this after child birth but i guess it's not something people talk about? Tried very low carb diet and no caffeine for months to no avail. I gave up on the drs for any help, they are not interested in the cause and would probably just suggest another contraceptive pill which I'm not willing to risk my mental health with.

During my pregnancies i vomited for nearly the whole nine months bar the last two, so i ate anything i could to alleviate the constant nausea, sweets etc and ended up 5 stone heavier than before. Both my children were large at birth but are of normal weight now as teenagers.

If there is any information out there I'd love to know.


Re: Not PCOS, then what?

PostPosted: Thu Aug 27, 2015 7:47 pm
by crazyDiane
Hmmm everyones body is different, so the best option is to go to the specialist - doctor. This person know's best wats wrong with us :) But if you want to try something, withc could help you, maybe read this: ... cos-,10079, some good advices, while having Pcos :)

Re: Not PCOS, then what?

PostPosted: Mon Sep 21, 2015 4:03 pm
by iron_mum
what i read on inofem site is that sometimes not pcos but insuline resistance could cause a problem. I was diagnosed as a pcos and after 10 years my new docs said: no way maybe its a IR and she had a right... now im on inofem and metformin 500 and trying to get pregnant :)

Re: Not PCOS, then what?

PostPosted: Thu Sep 24, 2015 2:42 pm
by Buttons
Hi again Mango.

It does seem very strange that the Dr told you that you are sensitive to androgens, I thought in that case people would present these symptoms at puberty, not much later after having children?
Just out of interest, did you have boys or girls? As androgens are involved in making baby boys.
Did you notice it during your pregnancy or after?

I have had excess hair and acne since puberty but they tell me I am normal.
I am on Yasmin and Spironolactone and it works a treat, however the Yasmin is causing me to have quite a few spider veins on my legs, the Dr said some people can get these with contraceptive pills. I also do a lot of standing for my job and not enough exercise unfortunately.

Re: Not PCOS, then what?

PostPosted: Fri Sep 25, 2015 11:46 am
by goldenthread
Hi Mango, just read your post.

I had an ultra sound a couple of months ago, and was told by my GP and ultrasound nurse that as ovaries did not show folicles I did not have PCOS!!! and to stop moaning. I went home crying and very depressed, as I knew deep down I still had this condition and practically bullied my GP to send me to my gynocologist who specialises in PCOS.
I also wrote to a wonderful australian lady doctor called Dr Rebecca Harwin who is on Facebook and has written a really useful book about conquering PCOS.
she kindly replied to me and said the same thing that my Gynocologist has told me. That once you have PCOS, you don't ever get rid of it. You can relieve some of the symptoms by loosing weight, but many of the symptoms remain with us.

I'm taking metformin and sprinolactone for my hair loss (which at the moment is really getting me down). Although, i've lost 2 stone by cutting ALL sugars from anything I eat, hidden and otherwise. I also go the gym every other day.

Im feeling fantastic due to the weight loss, and my energy levels have increased. But my hair loss is upsetting me greatly and wish I could do something.

General doctors have fobbed me off and will continue to fob me off due to their lack of knowledge and understanding of this condition. I got some really really good advice when it comes to doctors, go see a woman doctor, as male doctors just don't seem to appreciate or understand this condition.

Re: Not PCOS, then what?

PostPosted: Wed Sep 30, 2015 9:40 am
by crazyDiane
At Inofems page I have read: ... cos-,10079 that the healthy diet is most importnat while having the pcos! While having the pcos you should be aware of sugar!