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Postby icklekitty » Wed Dec 03, 2008 11:43 am

I'm going to try and make an appointment for Bloomsbury later in the month/early next year. It looks like I managed to save a bit of cash last month, so I can afford something!
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just want to offload

Postby browneyes » Wed Dec 03, 2008 12:03 pm

hi - have just joined today becausefeeling utterly miserable. collected my first hairpiece yesterday and am desparately disappointed. iam on maternity leave and traipsed down to london and liverpool to try and get something sorted but couldn't afford the maintenance costs. i ended up somewhere closer to home but feel like i've shelled out £1000 on a useless ornament. just desparate today and dreading going back to work in new year

Postby Sadie » Fri Dec 05, 2008 8:37 pm

hey browneyes - how are you now? I find verity dead when it comes to cosmetic solutions for hair loss. There's more info on heralopecia.com with posters from the UK on there too!
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Postby VivTremain » Thu Feb 05, 2009 1:59 pm

I am the "bald lady" that was on 10 years younger. Yes I used to dress well and do my makeup (They did have photos of this but they were all edited out) but when it came to hair no matter what I did it never looked anything - that's why I gave up and changed to a career that meant I didn't have to dress up,or put makeup on so that I could avoid mirrors. The plastic surgery was amazing, the botox does what it says on the tin (but wears off), and I'm not commenting on the teeth apart from saying that they've been changed. However the hair was amazing!!! My friends and family saw me through all the changes and yes most of the results were very good. But the only time they were gobsmacked or cried was when they saw me with my hair. That has been the most amazing part of the whole experience. I don't regret "baring all" and being made to look worse than I actually was as the end result was worth it.

All the "experts" donate their services to Channel 4 (obviously because of the advertising the get for it) but after the programme that is the end - apart from Lucinda. I received the upkeep free for a year from her-as she thought it would be even crueler to loose the hair again if I couldn't afford the upkeep.This gave me a chance to start my "hair fund"- and I would honestly do without anything rather than my hair. I found her and her staff to be the most understanding and friendly people I came across throughout the whole "10 years younger experience", consulting me with what I wanted - not what they wanted (Think the clothes and teeth prove my input didn't matter). The hair is unbelievable, natural, and I LOVE IT!! I now have it longer and even though I now pay for it (and travel 280 miles to get there) I would not consider going anywhere else.

I am filming a "follow up" on 10 years younger, and who do you think is the only one who has helped me - yes Lucinda. There is no offer of "a bit of botox" or an outfit or two so you might wonder why I am doing it? I am doing it purely for Lucinda and the way she has helped me change my life.

Viv (10 years younger? not really, happier? more confident? certainly)
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Postby ScaredSAlly » Fri Feb 06, 2009 10:21 am

Oh wow we have a "star" on here .. how fab I watched and watched that programe with you in it loads because it was so fab to see how you transformed and you could just see the hair was the clincher.

I have hair loss also more of a male pattern so receeding hair line etc it is so so so phsychogically damaging that I considered doing horrendous things to myself and I have wasted five years of my life crying over this, out of anythign I have gone through this has got to be the most damaging I just thank GOD for people that have opened hair loss clinic .... I am so pleased to hear your confidence is up

Can you tell me when the follow up is on .

Ps do you have PCOS is that why you lost your hair ?
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Viv (aka 'the bald lady on 10 yrs younger')

Postby bridezilla » Fri Feb 06, 2009 4:23 pm

Hello ScaredSally, Sadie, Leona and the others that have been part of this forum. I am completely new to this (please don't be suspicious of me Sade :-) )

I found all your posts really helpful. I'm not sure what PCOS is, so I don't know if I've got it, but I have really bad hair loss which started when I was about 20. As far as I know it's female pattern baldness so there really is bu**er all I can do about it. As I know all of you understand, this is really depressing.

The reason I've joined and got involved with this is because I too saw the lovely Viv on 10 yrs younger and got all excited. Since discovering that Lucinda Ellery offers finance I thought I'd make an appointment for a consultation (which is on 18th Feb). I was really excited but after reading all the twoing and froing (particularly between Sadie and Leona), I'm a bit nervous now. Have I wasted my £50? (already taken out of account).

I might try looking for Bloomsbury and Wattz as I've never heard of these ones. It's just Lucinda Ellery is about 2 miles from my house so I thought it would be convenient too. Is it really that bad. Can anyone apart from Leona sing it's praises? Obviously Viv too, but her being on tele and been given free and all, no wonder she's happy!! Oh dear, up-coming wedding, was hoping to have it sorted by then. Help.

Thanks guys, it's nice to feel like I'm not alone if nothing else.

Re: just want to offload

Postby sonalidb » Wed Feb 11, 2009 3:34 pm

browneyes wrote:hi - have just joined today becausefeeling utterly miserable. collected my first hairpiece yesterday and am desparately disappointed. iam on maternity leave and traipsed down to london and liverpool to try and get something sorted but couldn't afford the maintenance costs. i ended up somewhere closer to home but feel like i've shelled out £1000 on a useless ornament. just desparate today and dreading going back to work in new year

I'm so sorry to hear how miserable you're feeling, Browneyes. Where did you get your hairpiece from? And why is it such a disappointment? I'm concerned, as I ordered a hair system from Bloomsbury Wigs last month, and am getting it fitted in a few weeks time (I'm counting the days in fact). I don't know anyone who wears one, so it's all new to me. Any insight from you would be appreciated.

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Postby Sadie » Sat Feb 14, 2009 11:38 pm

>>I was really excited but after reading all the twoing and froing (particularly between Sadie and Leona), I'm a bit nervous now. Have I wasted my £50? (already taken out of account).

Bridezilla - I would definitely go for the consultation and then make your own mind up. Personally I have heard crap loads about the Lucinda Volumiser. I used her for Extensions only, for a period of 6-7 months. I even went to Mark Glenns (incidentally Lucindas Ex husband) who told me the way my extensions were applied were pretty naff (too tight and high up but you cant blame Lucinda personally for that but her "assistants" who are barely beyond puberty imo).

I personally never paid for a consultation from recollection and if i did, i still would have thought back then that it was "money well spent", because i was new to the cosmetic side of hair loss (not new to hair loss though!) and extensions were about the only thing my hair pattern of loss was good for. However, as my hair has gotten thinner, i moved over the Bloomsbury Wigs for an integrated system which costs me no more than £800 a year, unlike the volumiser from Lucindas which the assistant told me runs into the 3 thousand pound mark. Hey if you can get it on the NHS then that's great, but most of us wont and that's the sad honest truth - hair loss is an industry for many out there.

My reason for being very off put by Lucindas was that by the time i had a third consultation, this time with her son (unfortunately) i was talking about the pro's and cons of hair extensions and he was toying around with a lace wig and then out of the blue he said "so when your hair becomes see through, you can move onto a lace wig". Personally i felt devastated and shit given my hair isnt see through, it's just very thin. Dick head!

Lucinda herself was fine. She was a bit on the selling side when it came to meditation and karma crap, but she wasnt pushing me to go down the extension route. I saw her once and she said dont bother, months later she could see the female pattern baldness was taking hold and was ok to go ahead with extensions. This is the same experience i had with Graham at Bloomsbury Wigs - no hard sell and no pushing, and most importantly, NO CONSULTATION CHARGE!
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New person on here - hello everyone1

Postby ClarabellaP » Sat Apr 04, 2009 2:31 pm

Hi Ladies

Hmmmm where to start? LOL I have been wearing wigs since about mid 90's. My hair just seemed to get thinner and finer and suddenly I was noticing that horror of horrors, I could see my scalp right through my hair and that was on a grey wintery day. I had never heard of female pattern baldness and was terribly upset as you can imagine. My Mum and her Mum had to resort to wigs early on so I thought it must be hereditary (bummer!) I love my wigs, however, the problem starts when I go on hols; cant wear it in the sun it will frazzle, terrified it will come off if I walk along the beach, go swimming in the sea or pool etc etc So its either a baseball cap (yuck) with a clip in extension to look like a ponytail or seat profusely under the bloody wig when not sunbathing etc.

I only did not know what to do and had resigned myself to dealing with it forever after! BTW I did visit my GP who showed no interest in me or my hair whatsoever (nice!) I saw a trichologist in 2000 who told me my follicles werent working properly. However, my hair does grow and grows long but is soooo thin.

Saw the repeat of 10 Years Younger on Thursday 2nd April and cried my eyes out when I saw what a difference the volumiser made - at last hope! My husband told me to ring Lucinda Ellery the next morning, I did and then I rang the two other people you guys have suggested and reviewed (thank goodness for the Internet!!) I have made an appointment for this week and will see what happens. I feel hope at last and although it is horribly expensive at first thought, by the time I have worked out how much I pay for wigs - overall it isnt too bad.

Wish me luck please everyone and once again, thank you sooooo much, I dont know any of you but just finding you online makes me feel like I am no longer alone with hair loss!!

Postby Hols969 » Wed Apr 08, 2009 9:40 am

See you arent alone Clarabella - let us know how it goes.
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Postby VivTremain » Wed Jun 03, 2009 9:10 pm

Just read the comment where someone thought I was only being nice about Lucinda Ellery and her team because of the freebies. That is not the case, I still go there now am paying for it, and I wouldn't recommend her if my hair was no good - I only did the follow up on the programme for them as explained earlier as they were so good to me. However I would not lie about the place just for freebies as my hair loss was the most important thing for me to get corrected and I would rather have no hair than "dodgy rough hair"

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lucinda ellery- intralace system

Postby sweety » Thu Jun 18, 2009 7:37 pm

hi i am 25 years of age and i am a sufferer from androgenic alopecia, i currently visited the lucinda ellery clinic in london on may2009 to see what options were available to me regarding my hair loss problem.
having spoken to someone over the telephone i then arranged a consultation to see lucinda at her clinic. the consultation was £50 and lasted for an hour. when i went to see lucinda she told me that there was a solution for my hair loss. she said they could fit an intralace system on my head. this system would enable my natural hair to breathe. however at the consultation nothing was explained about the procedures of how they would fit the system. the consultation itself was like being with a counciller and discussing your problems. she did show some pictures and reassured me that some clients hair had grown back after the system was attached on their head. she sid that the hair would be human hair and that you could choose how long you wanted the length to be. lucinda also gave clients numbers however they were not helpful as they did not say that it would be painful
having had the consultation i decided to go ahead with the system. when i arrived to have the system fitted i got told that it would take 7 hours. before the procedures the consultant came up to me and said that they would need to cut my hair short so that the hair can be pulled through the mesh. i was not told this before but still went ahead with it. it was so painful that it felt it was getting stabbed on my head. once they had pulled my hair through the mesh they knotted the hair with synthetic and then heated it. this was just the begginning when they attached the panels of hair i later found out that it had to be sewed on to the mesh which was painful. the system cost about 1750 and had to be replaced every 2 years u have 2 go every 5 weeks to get it tightened which cost aroung£180. although the hair looked fantastic my scalp was sore for days. when i initially had the consultation i was told by lucinda that my hair would be able to breath but i realised that when i washed my hair i could not even feel the water going into the scalp. 3 weeks later i has an irration with the system and had to go back as it had caused heat spots. i had to get the system removed as it had caused an infection on my scalp. not just did i have an irratation but my hair at the front of the scalp had been pulled out and it looked like my hair was ripped out. having the system for only 28 days and despite the fact that it had caused an infection they refused 2 give a refund. it was a terrible experience and i reccommend that before you get it done you read the terms and conditions and do a test patch on your hair. just wanted to share the story
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Postby beatricex » Sun Jul 05, 2009 4:58 pm

sweety I am so sorry to hear about your horrific experience with Lucinda Ellery. I had been considering an appointment at this clinic but this thread has made me think again!

Like some posters, I too feel suspicious of the poster who appeared just to plug LE clinic & then disappeared. Sweety, you have been through a terrible experience. Have you thought about taking LE through the small claims court?

I think I will just try to tough it out for a little longer - have been doing so for almost 20 years!
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Postby greecegirl » Mon Sep 21, 2009 9:39 am

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Postby sweety » Wed Sep 23, 2009 9:01 am

hi greecegirl its sweety i have had a look at hair solved the method of attaching the hair seems exactly the same as lucinda method, im not sure whether the method is suitable for every1 however it seems that lucinda intralace did not work for me. me and my sis have suffered for 7 years. my sister has just had a hair replacement fitted onto her hair and it looks amazing, people cannot tell that she has it on. we hav tried several treatments. i would reccommend hairtechniques clinic in wakefeild give them a call and they will be able to help you, there is no fee for consultation if want to speak to my sister, you can do that she will tell you exactly how it feels to have it on. i am having mines fitted this next month. you can reply to me on my email which is shriti_teli@hotmail.co.uk
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