PCOS - Acne/Hirsutism

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PCOS - Acne/Hirsutism

Postby wendywhirlygig63 » Mon May 01, 2017 2:11 pm


I've been diagnosed with PCOS for the past 20 years! Initially I was on Dianette for severe acne/hirsutism and hat worked wonders.
However when I hit 50 my GP took me off it as they said I could be at risk of stroke (generalised theory of that age group)
I have now been seeing my endocrinologist for two years who has prescribed the following daily: Progynova (oestrogen tablet 1mg) and Cyproterone acetate 25mg (progesterone)
However I find that the cyproterone although great for clearing my facial acne is making me bleed constantly....it is an anti-androgen so is ideal for skin issues and hirsutism.
Has anyone had this medication? I am post menopausal and my symptoms are worse than when i was younger.
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