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Postby Hols969 » Tue Nov 26, 2013 7:28 pm

New group has been started for this area which is run by Shelly.

Who are we and who is this group for?
We are a newly founded group for women of all ages who have been diagnosed with PCOS.
We welcome into the group everybody who is diagnosed or undiagnosed, and who would like to have thought exchange with fellow sufferers and more information about PCOS.
The group is supposed to be a self help community to meet people who have the same problems which might have an impact on their daily lives.
The major goal of this group is to support each other and to give each other advice on the different treatment options, diet plans and pregnancy.

Are there regular meetings?
We are a new group and still looking for new members. As soon as we have a minimum of 5 interested members, we will launch a monthly meeting in a location suitable for all.

How can I get involved?
1.Join our Facebook group If you’d like to learn more (PCOS Support Cambridgeshire/West Suffolk) - please mention Verity so we know who you are.
2.Get in touch with the Group Leader via email ( and let her know that you are interested in joining.
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