Should I be on a diet?

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Should I be on a diet?

Postby katy » Mon Feb 14, 2005 9:29 am

Can anyone please give me some advice?

Im not overweight, and never have been. Im 5ft 7 and weigh just over 10 stone. I could probably do with toning up a bit.

From reading on here it seems as tho a lot of people are on diets to help with their PCOS.

Is it good to do this to help with the symptoms? Im very confused by it all.

I know about the insulin connections and increased risk in diabetes & when I mentioned this to my doctor he said they'll start to check me for diabetes when im older - in my 40's as this is when it's most likely to happen. Im 23, so thats just under 20 years away that they are planning on checking me!! I think thats bad, to have to wait until im in my 40's before they'll check me for things. Maybe Im just been fussy?

Anyway any help/advice would be very much appreciated.


Katy xx

Postby cj » Mon Feb 14, 2005 6:20 pm

Hi Katy,

I'm surprised your doctor just said they'll start to check for diabetes when you're 40, whatever happened to prevention being better than cure. As you know, PCOS gives an increased risk of type II diabetes due to the underlying hormonal imbalances. This however is not the only factor which affects your risk, the key other one being diet.

Diet can effect your hormonal levels by upsetting their natural balance and can also kind of adapt in the long term to your eating habits. Hence a good diet can help improve your hormonal balance, improving symptoms, as many people find it does, and at the same time lower the risk of you developing type II diabetes in later life. This doesn't mean you need to put yourself on a restrictive diet, I found the PCOS diet book very helpfull and it basically suggests modifications you could make to improve your diet rather than changing the whole thing.

As a student I found that I frequently turned to chocolate and caffinated fizzy drinks to help me stay awake to write essays which led to a huge sugar crash afterwards and was messing up my on the whole fairly healthy diet. My solution of course was an organisational one and I've managed not to stay up past midnight essay writing so far this year.

I would suggest reading some of the books recomended by verity, they are all good, and regarding it as making changes for the better to your diet rather than going on a diet. That way you'll stick to it and gain the innumerable benefits of healthy eating.

Hope this helps

CJ x

Postby katy » Sun Mar 06, 2005 12:59 am

Hi CJ,

Thanks for your help. Im getting the PCOS diet book recommended.

Im trying really hard to eat healthy. Im always eating junk food tho to give me energy when im feeling tired during the day. I know this is really bad and need to get out of the habit of doing this for a quick energy fix.

I have cut down on chocolate recently as I think it was giving me headaches, but I still get headaches so I dont know whats causing it. Ive asked my doc for allergy/intollerance testing to see if its something im eating.


Katy xx

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