Querie about Ovarian Drilling - help please!!

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Querie about Ovarian Drilling - help please!!

Postby AdeleYorks » Mon Jul 25, 2005 7:22 pm

My Gyn, mentioned that ovarian drilling could be done, and some of my eggs lasered away so that my ovaries would become less tort and give the cysts more room to grow.

But he refused point blank to do this for me.

He said that he would not do this on me because of two factors.

1 - Im only 21
2 - Im not trying for a baby.

Which to be honest I think is completely unfair that they can say "No you cannot have this treatment because its going to lesson your chances of having a baby"

He said its all because women are born with set amount of eggs and if im not ovulating monthly as it is, then its only gonna make chances of convieving even less!

He said its a bit drastic to get rid of "pain"

I dont care1 I want to be pain free!!

So im now thinking...what do I do?!

I cant cope with the pain - but I need some help please

Postby 12110 » Tue Jul 26, 2005 1:04 pm

Hi, I was diagnoised with PCOS about a month ago and the Dr suggested ovarian drilling as a first course of treatment, I am ttc. However since looking into this I have decided against it as everything I have read says it should be used as a last resort after trying fertility drugs. I know you are not trying to get pg at the moment, but as i understand it this procedure can only be done once so if at some point in your future you do want to have children and the drugs do not work then this would be offered (please don't take this all as gospel as I'm still learning about PCOS myself).

But if what i have researched is right then I can see why your Dr does not want to do this if your not trying for a baby.

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