What if you cant work

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What if you cant work

Postby katy » Mon Jul 25, 2005 11:22 am


I was just wondering about what if you cant work cos youre so ill? Do you get benefits etc?

I go thru phases of feeling ok & phases of feeling really really ill. And when its a bad phase im sometimes lucky if I can lift my head of my pillow as I just have no energy at all, feel naseous & dizzy 24/7.

Theses bad phases arent just for a few days they can be a few months long.

Im currently not working, which isnt good as its causing financial probs for us. I just know if I go get a job I'll end up been sacked for taking loads of sick days.

Has anyone else had this prob please?

Postby jollymummy » Mon Jul 25, 2005 1:11 pm


I dont work, havent for over 3 years mainly due to my health as like you i have my good :) and bad days :cry: I currently recieve Disablement Allowence and Sever disablement allowence due to the fact that I am deaf so I am lucky in that retrospect though my sister in law suffers from cysts on her ovaries (not PCOS) and she currently gets Incapacity benefit as she finds it difficult to have a job as she has many sick days...I cant claim it because I get SDA but you have to have a very good doctor who would be willing to support your claim as some docs dont class PCOS as serious enough to not to work so I would go to you doc and find out if they will be willing to support your claim....also if you dont work and your husband/partner doesnt earn a lot then he can claim working tax credit which is what my husband does... Sorry if I m not helping much but that is what I know so far!

Jenni x

Postby Mysticmeg » Mon Jul 25, 2005 2:30 pm


I am having problems with my work. I also have hearing difficulties and have had about 14 operations since I was 4 until the age of 19. As a result I have a low immune system.

I also have RSI in my right wrist that has caused problems in jobs and I have been told that I lost the chance of promotions in previous years because of my health.

Now I am having problems with stomach cramps, nausia etc from the Clomid and am off sick from work today because I overdone it on Thursday with an assignment for work. I have been put on a warning that if I was off again in the next six months they were going to give me a disciplinary! That was 4 months ago so I'm in for some crap tommorrow.

I've spoken to my GP who just said to me to "pull myself together". I need to go back and speak to a female GP as I think they might be more understanding.

The specialist has sympathised with me but there's not a lot he can do.

My husband and I have spoken about me finding a part time job somewhere but if I leave it's a lot of money to give up and I keep thinking that maybe this will be the month that I get pregnant.

I don't know if I would be entitled to any benefits etc, we have a mortgage to pay so I can't afford not to work but I'm fed up with the constant pains and feeling ill.

Mystic xxx

Postby AdeleYorks » Mon Jul 25, 2005 7:17 pm

We'll I just went back to work today after having to sign myself off sick for a week.

I couldnt move etc, hopsital job - the lot!

But its disheartening. I agree.
Its horrible.And frightening. I couldnt get out of bed! And the meds Im on just seem to be useless.

I shouldnt have to go thru this much pain - no-one should.

I feel better that Im not the only one who is OFF because of it.

My friends give me the whole "grit your teeth and get through it" but it isnt that easy!!!!


Postby Mazarin » Tue Jul 26, 2005 11:36 am

I'm at work full time (30 hours a week) at the moment and I am totally exhausted, yesterday I could have put my head on the desk and fell asleep.

I am not sure if any of this is PCOS related because for years I have been depressed on and off and it comes and go's in bouts, it's not helping because I am living somewhere which I am finding difficult to cope with as I am getting a lot of abuse where I live, ongoing 4 year problem with anti-social behaviour. It's started to affect my job at lot, and I did something I should not have done, to me nothing serious but it depends which way you look at it etc... but I was so sick of some threats that I wrote to the head of the department and left a letter on her desk, I am still waiting for her to ask me to the office, It was 4 days ago, I am not in today day off so hoping we'll get it over with tomorrow....

I know what the exhaustion can do to you, when I finally got my AF last month after 10 months without it was heavy and painful, but I staggered to work, personally I don't know why I bothered... :roll:

Postby reb1001 » Tue Jul 26, 2005 9:49 pm

I feel like my whole life is starting to make sense since I was diagnosed. About 10 years ago, before I went on the pill, I suffered from months and months of what I was led to believe was some sort of post-viral fatigue. I didn't even have the strength to speak some days. My quality of sleep was terrible, each morning I felt I had run a marathon in my sleep. I saw lots of doctors and specialists, who all tried to tell me I was imaging things. I was a student at the time, but if I had been working I wouldn't have been able. Over the cours of a year I only went to school a handful of times.

I also had bad joint pain as a teenager, which I have read is sometimes a PCOS symptom.

I had always thought I was a hypochondriac (? spelling) but now I think it must have all been PCOS. I have only been diagnosed a few months - whilst on the pill most of the symptoms cleared up - except for acne.

It is just such a relief to know there are others out there like me, and I am not some freak!

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