Can anyone help?!?!

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Can anyone help?!?!

Postby kerry1780 » Tue Jul 12, 2005 6:14 pm

I have a 4 year old and have been trying for a child since May 2003 and was diagnosed in November 2004 with PCOS.

I suffer badly from depression, obesity, acne, mood swings, very irregular periods and very unmotivated! Doctor has referred me to the fertility dept at my local hospital becasue that was the main aspect of the PCOS I wanted to treat. However I received a letter back advising that there is no funding available at this time in the county!

Since then , my thoughts have changed and I would like to treat and sort out my moods, depression, my "give up" attitude and obesity but without going onto the pill.

It's got so bad I am seriously considering leaving my partner - which may be down to me and the way I feel or I may have a valid reason to be the way I am with him.

I see a homeopath and a reflexologist of which the homeopath helps with the mood swings and depression most of the time. I'm new to reflexology and am waiting for it to have an effect, if any!

Does anyone else live in Cornwall and have they been referred to a endocrinologist, gynaecologist (poss spelt wrong!), a fertility dept or a specialist of any kind? Is there anyone else who has a docotor that won't or cant refer them to a specialist?

What do I do?

Felling very alone without any support - looking forward to hearing from someone!

Postby kat » Thu Jul 14, 2005 1:56 pm

Hi Kerry,

You poor thing, it sounds like a fairly desperate situation.
i suppose you have brought up a couple of issues. I would contact your local health authority and ask them exactly why they are refusing any treatment. It is really not good enough for them to say they have no money - as that would be a postcode lottery - you can get treatment in other areas.
Create a real fuss if you have to - involve your local MP they are always good for a bit of pressure.
Some girls are given metformin for weight difficulties so i would also ask and see if this is available. The low GI type diet is also certainly very useful for us.
You also need to reflect on your relationship with your partner. Is it because of all the added stress you are under - or have your feelings really changed? This is a very testing time for both of you and it can put even the most strongest of relationships under real pressure. Is perhaps an outcome of your low mood? Are you able to talk to him about your feelings?
I hope things get better for you soon - let us know how you get on,
Take care

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Postby kerry1780 » Fri Jul 15, 2005 9:50 am

Hi Kat

Thanks for the message - will make contact with the local hospital and find out why...there have to be other people in Cornwall whom have been referred to a gyne or a specialist of some type for PCOS.

I really need to look at the problems with my partner - he doesn't really pay much attention to the problem or really listen a lot! Very confused coz I'm not sure if it is me and the way that I feel or if we have both changed. All I do know is that things can't keep going on the way that they are now and I need to be happy!

Thanks once again - will keep you posted on what happens!


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