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Postby Angela1804 » Wed Jul 06, 2005 1:55 pm

Hello again,
I need help... :lol: Don't we all?! :wink:
We're getting married in 2 years time... after that, we hope to ttc about a year or so afterwards.
Now obviously I want to look gorgeous for my wedding, so does anyone have any tips, cleansers, etc that have got their skin in tip top condition? I'm on Dianette, but to be honest, I still get awful spots and I hardly ever wear make up, so it's not like it's the pores clogging up.
I also want to drop 2 dress sizes (14 to a 10). I've sorted out my diabetes, so my sugar levels are down and I've lost 7lbs in the last 6 weeks since starting this new regime.
I'm a bit confused by the low GI diet... I've tried going over it (bought the books), but I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be eating all low GI (which would make my insulin peak earlier than my food and give me a hypo) or whether to have some low and some high GI food at meals? Can anyone help me with that too?
My doctor is useless, if I ask him anything about these things I just get a blank look. :roll:
Is there anything I should be doing/eating to get my body prepared for pregnancy? I know with my diabetes I have to get my sugar levels on track and keep my weight steady. My BMI was 25.1, it's now dropped to 24.2, so it's getting better.
Can anyone give me any pointers? I've searched about and found things here and there that have been posted, so I hope to be able to try out more than a few products in the next couple of years to get my skin and body in shape! :wink:
Sorry this is such a long post... Thanks so much for reading!
Ang xx

Postby evie » Thu Jul 07, 2005 12:16 am

Congrats for the wedding!
I use Avene face wash its anti bac but not too harsh, avene anti red cream and estaee lauder for day. I noticed a new cream called freederm gel from superdrug but haven't tried it as im clear rite now they ahve a site I must say though the Avene is superb.
I don't know about the weight thing, sounds like you'd be best consulting a nutritionist who can give proper advice and whos able to consider all the factors for you.

evie x x

Postby Angela1804 » Thu Jul 07, 2005 2:43 pm

Thanks evie! I'll have a look into Avene I think coz I've seen someone else saying that it's good too...
I think the diabetic clinic will be getting a call from me. :wink:
Thanks again!
Ang xx

Postby katy28 » Thu Jul 07, 2005 5:12 pm

hi, im on the GI diet too and it recommends you eat no more than two or three high GI foods a day ( one at each meal) However, i find it better sticking to low Gi or medium because then i can eat more and feel fuller. dont worry about getting a hypo, i used to have hypoglycemia ( low blood sugar levels) but because im eating regularly ( three meals and three snacks) its not dangerous as ive been told by doctors and therapists, as i was worried about this. hope everything goes well! k x

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