Getting Harier

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Getting Harier

Postby katy » Tue Jun 14, 2005 10:32 pm

Hi there,

I think Im getting harier!!

Does this mean my PCOS is getting worse?

My hariness is nothing comapred to others here, which makes me feel guilty for going on about it, so sorry. But to me its a "thing".

Ive always had a tash, Im dark haired, olive-ish skinned & always put it down tothis till was diagnosed with PCOS. - I use hair remover cream & was using 2 month-ish. But lately it seems like every week, and crazy overgrowing eyebrows plucked 2x a day, legs, underarms & bikinni area all going abit crazy & I just noticed my arms are starting to look a bit chimpanzee-like.

Sorry to go on :?

As I said before, I know my symptoms are nowhere as bad as some on here, but when it happening to you - it can be the biggest, "why me", "am I the only one" time.

Anyway, does this mean my symptoms are getting worse?

Postby Coz » Wed Jun 15, 2005 9:34 am

I know exactly what you mean, I seem to be getting harier by the day and it is a big thing. I'm convinced that everyone notices it but people keep telling me they don't. You shouldn't feel bad about it being a big thing to you.

My doctor told me that although I have WAY too much hair already, it's just going to get worse without treatment. Which is a pretty horrendous thought but there are treatments to help!! I think it's something that builds up over time with the whole dodgy hormone level thing!

If it worries you, go to see your doctor to see if there's anything that can be done to help.
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There is an answer!!!!

Postby bronwyn » Wed Jun 15, 2005 4:29 pm

Was with my consultant today and he has asked my GP to prescribe a drug used for type 2 diabetics that he says will help reduce the excess hair!!!!! :D :lol: :D :lol:

I've forgotten the name but I'll let you know tomorrow when I collect it from the chemist.

Might be worthwhile asking about. :wink:
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Postby katy » Fri Jun 17, 2005 9:52 am

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the neck, sides of face & tummy.

Its not obvious if you look at me (I dont think) but the other day I was looking in the mirror and the sun was shining on my face & OMG the sun lit it up & I was thinking "do people see that when the sun is shining on me".

I got so upset a few weeks back I took the tweezers to the side of my face & cos I was so upset it didnt hurt to bad (the anger took the pain away!). Now stressing incase it starts to grow back worse & spiky! Grrr

Im also worried about overdoing it on the tash with the hair remover cream as a few times a month was ok but now it seems like every few days, am gonna look into aculight or something like that I think.

Moan over - sorry

Postby Suzanne » Sat Jun 18, 2005 10:19 am

Hairy!!! oh my god dont you just hate it, ive got it every place you can think of for the last 15 years i have been shaving my face and neck every day :? 2 weeks ago i had my first laser treatment at the lasercare clinic in my local hospital, i had a test patch done about 6 weeks ago and there is no hair to be seen there its great :D when i had the test patch i was in two minds, as it hurt so much i didnt know if i could cope with the pain but when i saw the results i decided that it was worth the pain. However when i had my first full treatment it took 10 mins the nurse stopped only 3 times to give me a rest and it didn't hurt as much as i thought, now 2 weeks later the little blighters are falling out by thier dozens, i am so pleased with the results i dont care about the cost nor the pain, afew more months and hopefully no more shaving my face for me :D

Postby kate vaughan » Thu Jun 23, 2005 12:11 pm

Hi everyone

I use epil pro and this seems to have reduced my 'tash by about 50%. I have to go every 2 weeks to the 'beauty place' and they pluck out all the hair. It has got better and they have said the the regrowth is getting finer each time. It is quite cheap as well. I paid £90 for 110 minutes and it lasted 6 months. I have just paid for another 110 minutes and am hoping that this may get rid of the rest of the hair (on my face obviously. I think I'd have to be a millionaire to tackle the rest of my body!).

Katy, I know what you mean about the sun shining on your face. I used to sit on the bus with my hand over my mouth and chin in case anyone saw the hair. It is so great now as I can walk past a pub beer garden on a sunny day without having a panic attack.

I am loving Verity as I always thought that it was only me who had this syndrome. Thank you.

Kate XX
kate vaughan

Postby fionaedwards » Thu Jun 23, 2005 3:28 pm

Hi everyone. Reading all this makes me want to cry cos i am the same. But help is at hand. I have recently discovered a treatment called epilight and even though i have only had one and half treatments, it has defo made a difference. I have fair hair and fair skin (although after years of tweezing and cutting, even waxing at one point, there were some dark hairs too). The epilight is like a laser. It basically burns the hair away, sounds painful but is actually not. And defo worth it, as I said I am a new woman! The centre that I am going to usually cost £130 per treatment, but for PCOS they do it for 1/2 price, that is £65 only! I would reccomend it! :lol:

Postby Hols969 » Fri Jun 24, 2005 12:20 pm

Being hairy is terrible - since coming off the pill (3 years ago) my facial hair has tripled and is terrible (and I get a blotchy neck from using an epilator once a week coz it is so bad) and to top it all Im now pregnant (great) but the facial hair is getting worse!!!!!

I spoke to my beautician and she said that it varies hugely whether women get more or less hairy when pregnant but I was hoping that as Im very hairy anyway that it wouldnt be any more than normal but it is!! I feel very self concious about it I have to say and I know there is nothing permanent I can do about it for now, god I hope I dont get any more hairy!!!
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Postby krupali86 » Thu Jun 30, 2005 9:06 pm

I know how all of you feel, I have seriously bad facial hair which is thick and dark and being 19 years old I absolutely hate it, for the past 4 years I used use bleaching creams to hide it which if you've tried you know it doesn't really do that. I always thought that when people talked to me thats what they were looking at and I had really low self confidence but a few months ago I heard about Ellipse IPL treatment to get rid of the hair and its been the best thing ever, it costs alot but its definately worth it, I have had 3 treatments so far and theres definately a change, I can literaly see the hair falling out. Its made me so much more confident and to be hair free is just great I can't describe just how good I feel.

I would recommend Ellipse to other people.

I read about the type 2 diabetes medication I think its called Metformin, does it work?

Hair moan...

Postby katy » Thu Jun 30, 2005 9:21 pm

I need another "hair moan" - Im sorry... but it's getting so worse.

I hair removed my upper lip 2 days ago & its now back - more noticeable than ever, it's starting to look like stubble!!! I can really notice it looking dark in that area - 5 o'clock shadowish (I know I've had it very easy with the hair thing compared to quite a lot on here, but it's starting to really upset me).

Ive been using hair remover cream since I was about 16 (now 23) and never had problem before. Used to use it approx 1-2 times a month am now using it almost 2x a week.

Im sorry if I sound selfish when some people have to go thru this & worse every day, but I think it's all getting worse. I keep getting long whisker things on my neck & chin too - no warning - it just appears nice & long and Iv'e never even noticed it growing - I feel like a freak! Laos around my nipples :oops:

I know I should look into laser or something but I cant really afford it at the mo - plus I have dark hair/olive skinned and am worried it wont work (they really are looking thick!)

Im sorry to go on & on - Im just at a total loss and feel like a hairy monster, and my skin has went really oily this week which is making me feel more yak-ier!

Thankyou for listening to my grumblings, any tips will be very very welcome.

Postby krupali86 » Thu Jun 30, 2005 10:39 pm

Trust me I know how you feel, I know you said you can't afford the more permanant treatments but Ellipse really does work, I'm indian with dark hair and it worked for me and thats what it works best on, darker hair.

My hair is the same as yours, long and thick I also hated it before getting rid of it, it go to the stage where it was long enough to hold!

Before the Ellipse I used to get my upper lip threaded or waxed, have you tried that? Which might be better as the hair gets pulled out rather than 'cut' and you shouldn't get regrowth as soon as you would if you shaved or used hair removal cream.

Hope that helps...

Postby Hols969 » Sun Jul 03, 2005 1:03 pm

Try getting referred from your GP - I know some of the ladies here have had hair removal on the NHS. I have heard that dark hair and olivey skin is the most successful for lazer hair removal so keep that in mind. Because Im pregnant I cant do anything about it (I use an epilator twice a week now coz its growing SO FAST) but I have decided Im going to put a tenner in each week in a pot so that when the baby is born I can have some sort of treatment (we wont have any spare money once the baby is born) so have to start now.

Im sure other people dont notice it quite like we all do, we are all just very self concious of it and I bet we sort of bring attention to it ourselves (I know I sometimes fiddle with the stubble feeling on my jaw line which would probably make other people look at what Im doing!!)

Try your GP and tell them how it affects you and that you feel very self conscious of it etc and that it does affect your day to day life as I think it does with lots of us in one way or another.

Good luck
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