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New to this site - my story

PostPosted: Wed Jul 20, 2016 12:45 am
by Rainbowdrops555
So, I'm 22 years old. I was first diagnosed when I was 17 years old but the diagnosis wasn't on my medical file so o had to go through it all again and have been re-diagnosed now for about 2-3months. I used to have very irregular periods and was put on the combined pill to sort them out. At the time I was prescribed the combined pill, I was also prescribed oilatum for eczema and I had some sort of allergic reaction to one of them and was told by the doctor to stop them both. I have not taken the pill since. I didn't think much of the Pcos when I was a teenager and thought that I would just sort it out when I was older and my mum kept trying to reassure me that I could still have children because she's had 4 children and she has Pcos too (not being able to conceive has been the main issue for the past 5years)

When I was 19-20 I didn't have a period for about 9months (everyone kept asking if I was pregnant and I got pretty annoyed after a while) then when my period did start it lasted for about 12months constantly, at first it was fairly heavy and then became a regular flow ever day for 12months and now I haven't had a period in over a year since then.

About 5months ago I went to my gp and discussed it because I finally wanted to get it all sorted. He sent me for a blood test, he also asked about me taking the pill to sort out my periods and asked if I get migraines, I explained that i get migraines with auras and he then went on to saying that I can't take the combined pill because there's a high risk of me having a stroke from it, I went back to the gp to find out the results and it turns out he had sent me to get the wrong blood test, but attests I found out that at age 22 I wasn't going through the meopause! Haha... Got sent to have more blood tests, the results showed signs of Pcos so he sent me for an ultrasound at my local hospital to find out what was going on. I took the results to my gp and for some reason he sent me to my local gynaecologist to get another ultrasound scan. Which I had to wait about a month or two for an appointment for.

I went to the gynaecologist yesterday and they were also a bit confused as to why I was sent for another scan. They done the scan and have told me that my Pcos is a severe case and that I'm not ovulating. They also agreed that I can not go onto the combined pill again because of the migraines I get.

To be honest I feel really stuck right now. Not only am I 22years old trying to figure all of this out by myself, there's nothing I can actually do about because all the doctors are saying is to loose weight and go on a no carb diet and to top it all off my mum doesn't seem so supportive about it, when I got home to talk to her about it all, all she could say is 'but I have it and I've had all of you' and '... But if your not ovulating then you can't have children' which hearing her say that and confirming everything that I have ever thought for the past 5 years, it really hurt!

I have explained all of this to my partner and he asked his colleagues at work about it (as he is training to become a radiologist) apparently they said I have a higher chance of conceiving if I try young, we sat down and discussed it thoroughly, taking into account or financial situations and strength of the relationship and we had decided that if it was something that we both really wanted then we would start trying for a baby. My mum agreed that she would support us if that was the case so we decided to see what happens at the ultrasound to see what we could do. Now I'm pretty convinced that I won't have a child of my own.

I have severe Pcos and I suffer from anxiety. I also have suffered from depression for about 8 years which was also made worst when I found out I had Pcos when I was 17, I think it's better now but I am really worried that it will return.

Re: New to this site - my story

PostPosted: Fri Jul 22, 2016 12:25 pm
by Hols969
Honestly your mum is right, don't worry - when the time comes for you to want to have children then can give you things that force ovulation. I had regular(ish) periods but rarely ovulated but now have Noah who is 10. You also don't need a period to ovulate either so really a period doesn't mean much - A scan would not show if you are ovulating either so I am not sure why they told you that. Also our issue is that we don't regularly ovulate which is why getting pregnant can take longer, but not for everyone. It is pretty rare not to conceive just because of pcos. You would need blood tests to see if you are ovulating and they have to be done at the right time (we tend to have a longer cycle than 'normal' ladies). Also cysts can come and go as they are only a symptom and not the cause so if you were re-scanned they may not be there.

Anxiety and depression is a side effect of pcos as well, they don't know if it is the hormonal imbalance or because of the symptoms. I have been on and off anti depressants and in my view they can help you over a 'black' phase, I also suffer from anxiety but the AD medication I am on helps with that too.

Really diet is key to controlling the symptoms, the main thing being white carbs, it is the devil and makes the symptoms much much worse so cut those out and only eat the brown stuff. I don't eat carbs at night any more, initially it was difficult but its pretty normal now.

Make sure you force a bleed if your periods go awol again as it is really important to have 4 a year.

Re: New to this site - my story

PostPosted: Fri Jul 22, 2016 8:05 pm
by Rainbowdrops555
Thank you so much for replying it's really helped. I was prescribed anti-depressants but for me it felt like it got a lot worse. I haven't seen a doctor about my anxiety because I've only just realised it and how bad it is as I thought it was a normal thing. My partner is really supportive and even at my worst he's there to try and comfort me. I feel bad that I'm such an emotional mess and feel guilty telling him every time something is Wrong

I'm not too sure why he said that I'm not ovulating then if you can't see it on a scan, that has really confused me and I will probably go back to my GP and ask him.

Thanks again for replying

Re: New to this site - my story

PostPosted: Sat Jul 23, 2016 9:52 am
by Hols969
Try a different anti depressant too as there are loads, I am on citalopram and its great but there are so many out there that you will find one that suits (I tried prozac and it did nothing for me at all). In my view life is too short and if you need a bit of medication to make like better then why not - anxiety and depression is so common and nothing to be ashamed about at all - I personally think our bodies are not really designed for the world we live in any more so the body struggles. So definately go back to the GP and get something that will help and if that doesnt, try something else. Remember also that AD can take a month or more to make a difference and sometimes you can feel worse in that month but it does improve.

They do use scans to see if you are ovulating (at specific times in your cycle) but we are not the norm so he may have seen that it doesn't look like you are ovulating but because your cycle may be different to standard ladies (which they will be) then it will look to the untrained eye (which he will be when it comes to pcos) that you are not ovulating, we tend to ovulate much later than non pcos ladies, or we may not ovulate that month at all even if we have a period.

So go back to the gp and get some 'mad' pills (who wants to be normal!) and cut out white carbs and slowly you should hopefully start to see a difference. Weight does come off but because it can be so slow its the motivation that is the issue really to keep going.

Good luck and honestly dont worry about the future and children, it will happen, there is so much help out there nowadays as you have been diagnosed which helps as you can be referred to fertility after 6 months of trying.