wonder about my depressed teens

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wonder about my depressed teens

Postby wrigglepup » Thu Jun 02, 2016 8:10 pm

Hello, I have just been watching top of the pops re-runs from 1981, well one of the songs on the show used to make me feel quite horrible and depressed. It wasn't the words but parts of the actual tune. Many songs at the time had this affect and made me feel really inside black!
I had lost my dad a few months previously, I was nearly 14, and was isolated in my grief, I am not sure that I grieved for him at the time anyway. Looking back I was depressed and I am wondering wether it was puberty, bereavement or something to do with pcos. Since then I have had the odd really miserable episode, for no apparent reason and can last a few weeks. I can remember spending time in my work toilet desperately trying to snap out of it and only one person knew I was struggling but neither of us knew why, bless her I must of got on her nerves.
All this was long before I knew about pcos, and I just thought I was being stupid.
I was just wondering if any other ladies suffered with any dark feelings as teens.
Nobody in my family knew I was feeling like this, I didn't realise then either, if that makes sense? I spose I understood mum grief was more important than mine as she was left to look after the family alone. Thankfully she had loads of support from our extended family.
I am ok now.
I did start going a bit funny before he died come to think about it, just wondered if this can be normal, thinking about the Kevin character. X wasn't all bad! X
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