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PCOS at 30...

PostPosted: Tue Apr 05, 2016 10:54 am
by Raindog
Hi All,

Been lurking for a couple years, and the boards and website are really helpful. My PCOS is hereditary, and I had the signs as a teenager - irregular cycles, and really, really bad facial hair. My mother said that it hadn't really affected her, and the doctor put me on Microgynon when I was 16 (I know, probably made the hair worse!).

I've been pill free most of my late 20s. I felt good about it - it had started making my hair fall out, and lowering my sex drive. I was doing okay (exercising a lot, eating reasonably for a while) but this year, I feel *old* - I'm in a secure but very sedentary office job, and it's not helping with management at all. I've put on a stone, my facial hair feels like it's getting too much (thank god for electrolysis), I've had terrible anxiety and I'm often tired. I've also recently missed a period from stress - it's been 60 days since the last one. Three tests all say 'no pregnancy'.

I think I'm going to try Mercilon, when the period finally arrives, but I'm still unsure.

Does anyone have any stories about managing things well without the pill? I'd love to be able to do this if possible.