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PostPosted: Thu Sep 03, 2015 6:32 pm
by wrigglepup
Sorry for moaning!
I guess most of you ladies know how I feel!
Well I am fed up with watching what I put in this annoying PCOS tummy!
I live on salads for work, discussing lunch with a beautifully slim work colleague, she was shocked and replied she could never feel sustained with a salad and needed something more substantial!
I don't need much to fill me up but I have a healthy appetite and love all food. I hate to be over weight and know most of you know what hard work keeping it under control it is. I am sick to the back teeth and want to forget about it like I how it was back in my childhood.
I hurt my leg, think I tore my calf muscle, so couldn't exercise and the weight returned, for goodness sake!!
What on earth are we meant to do! I have to eat!!
I have also spent years trying to grow my hair. Ha Ha, beautiful girls from Bulgaria and Latvia who I work with their hair is thick and Long, mine doesn't want to play, so I have decided to go crimson red!
Sorry for going on, you know how it gets ya! X
Do you have slim friends who think they have weight problems, they explain as they tuck into desert after having burger and chips!