New member, new diagnosis

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New member, new diagnosis

Postby enchantedchaos » Wed Sep 02, 2015 3:23 pm

Hi Everyone,

Things are really bothering me today so I found and joined this site and thought I'd share my story. Would be good to know I'm not alone!

About this time last year I came off the pill as I'd been getting a lot of headaches and a doctor suggested to try to see if that was the cause. Anyway, a long story short, having been on the pill for many years (between 18-30) and worried about the longer term implications I decided I'd take a longer break. My first couple of periods were normal, then they just stopped.

Three pregnancy tests later and an hysterical appointment with a new doctor at my surgery who is qualified in women's health and I was being sent for blood tests and ultrasounds with ?PCOS. I had my ultrasound at the end of April and was diagnosed with PCOS in May. She put me back on the pill I had been taking previously (Femodette) but I wonder if something else would be better for my excess hair growth. She didn't seem that worried about any other treatment unless I wanted children.

So yes, in terms of other symptoms I have excessive hair growth. I've always seemed to have it, but it seemed to get progressively worse while I was off the pill. the areas I get it are particularly my chin, under my jaw and cheeks/sideburns. This now makes me more miserable than it used to or perhaps I'm even more aware of it.

I also have quite oily skin and sometimes get spots. But (and the reason I'd never really considered PCOS a reason for my hair growth), I'm not overweight.

This is the first place I have found which doesn't solely focus on fertility problems. It's frustrating though, although I've never wanted children, suddenly knowing that it would be more difficult to have them has really really started to effect my depression.

Just trying to make sense of my feelings really, having buried my head in the sand for a few months, but not too sure I can... :|
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Re: New member, new diagnosis

Postby Hols969 » Wed Sep 02, 2015 4:40 pm

I came off the pill when TTC and put on weight, turned into a yeti etc so the combined pill definitely helps control the symptoms. Not everyone is overweight, we have slim pcos ladies, fatter ladies are told to lose weight as it will help the condition and they do and it makes no difference at all. The general fob off is to lose weight, so you are lucky you dont have to deal with that!!!

I take yasmin which I love, but I have had laser on my beard and it has pretty much gone, being on the pill slows down the growth of it definitely. Unfortunately laser on the NHS is classed as cosmetic (having a beard on a woman certainly is NOT cosmetic!!) Having laser done (about 4 years ago) was the best thing I have ever done, expensive yes but so worth it, the average amount for pcos ladies is 15 sessions and not 6 that they tend to suggest and then you do need to maintain it, I havent had anything done for 2+ years now but a few goaty ones are creeping back so I do need to go for a top up, I have had in totally probably about 22 sessions now. SK:N do a 30% discount for pcos ladies and interest free credit too which all helps. If you can afford it at all go for it as your confidence will return. It is hell having a beard or any facial hair, it is so depressing and makes you feel very self conscious. If you do decide to go for laser make sure you shave for 6 weeks before to get the best results (you do get used to shaving, horrific at first but now fine!!)

Good luck, you are certainly not alone!
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