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N00b alert

Postby Cinnamon Girl » Wed Sep 02, 2015 1:21 pm

Hi everyone. I got diagnosed yesterday and whilst I kind og thought[i][/i] it was PCOS, when you hear it out loud, it makes it real.

I've been overweight my whole life. Managed to lose weight around 2005 and looked relatively normal but then my depression crept up on me and so with that, the weight came back due to my anti depressants not really giving a hoot about how many cakes or pints of Guinness I had.

We've been TTC for about two and a half years to no avail and my husband, being a bit rubbish at the whole 'lets see if there's something up' department, sort of buried his head in the sand. So I made a GP appointment for the two of us. I asked to be referred to the obesity clinic and the fertility clinic. The GP did bloods and this is how I discovered the PCOS.

I dieted before and was fine but now I just can't. I hate myself for being so overweight, I feel like a failure because at the age of 36, when virtually my whole circle of friends has at least one child, I'm too much of a fat wreck to even do THAT properly.

My friend is a member of this site and she gave birth to a beautiful boy earlier this year; she recommended I join. I'm just looking for support, really...

Thanks for reading my rambles.
Cinnamon Girl
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Re: N00b alert

Postby wrigglepup » Thu Sep 03, 2015 7:33 pm

Oh bless you
Try not to be so hard on yourself, my husband is the same, I guess it means he loves you as you are! Although you are probably looking for his support that is how I feel. Losing weight isn't easy, and every one around you seems to eat what they like.
I have always been struggling with weight too, and when they said I had pcos, cause I had to really control my diet I found I couldn't. It was the worst my diet had ever been and I was unable to say no to sugary rubbish.
We are still able to have children. As many ladies on here have.
Take care x
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