medications not working

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medications not working

Postby 123treehouse » Mon Apr 06, 2015 5:09 pm

I went to see an endocrinologist last week after being reffered by my gp as i have very high blood pressure. He basically run some tests which came back ok which means it is just pcos. He told me to carry on with my treatment plan which is to take metformin and spirolactone plus blood pressure meds. The metformin and spirolactone i have been taking for ten years without seeing any change. In fact my syptoms are worse not better. I tried to explain this as i dont really want to take the mdes any more as they are not helping me. He just carried on writing it in the notes ingored me and then on saturday i got a letter through the post saying i am on a good treatment plan which is working to my gp. My blood pressure is still high and i am still hairy with no change there. I have stopped taking all the medications apart from the blood pressure ones.

Has anyone else found that the meds have not been very helpful?

They are also thinking i have pressure on my brain now so probably end up on more meds for that. I just dont want to take medications which aren't doing me any good.
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