New Here....any advice or experiences appreciated :-)

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New Here....any advice or experiences appreciated :-)

Postby linziloo-84 » Wed Jan 28, 2015 10:31 am

Hi Everyone

I just wanted to share my story with women that understand whats it's like to live with PCOS and hear other people's experiences especially with TTC and metformin.
I was diagnosed with PCOS at the age of 16 I am now 31. My main symptoms have always been irregular periods (between the age of 13-16), being overweight and excess hair. My GP put me on BC (Dianette) as soon as she thought this may be what was wrong with me. Then referred me to a specialist, had scan, it was confirmed, and ever since then I've been on BC with no break, so 14/15 years :shock:
I was very lucky to be able to have laser treatment on my facial hair which was a massive confidence boost. I still have quite long hair on my face but its fair now not black so I'm not bothered :) My weight however has been tougher to combat :(
At my heaviest I was over 20 stone my diet was quiet bad though. My GP put me on Metformin in 2006-7 and with not much effort I lost over 6 stone. The side effects were horrendous though! I then met my now husband in 2008 and got comfortable :oops: and over that time have put 4 stone back on!
I gave up with metformin for quite a few years which I don't think helped either. I started back on Metformin last summer/autumn 2014 and lost about a stone in weight. I then got fed up again and stopped taking it! :roll:
Well me and hubby are thinking about TTC. So I have given myself a kick up the bum started metformin again 3 x 500mg a day, spoke to my GP and she said whenever your ready finish your current packet of BC pills and see what happens. So that's where we are now.
I took my last BC on 31st December and my last withdrawal bleed from the pill started on 4th January which I finished as I would normally. I've changed my diet completely to a Low GI which has dramatically reduced the side effects from metformin :D and I've lost another 1/2 stone. So I'm now at the top end of 16 stone but have started salsa classes which is great exercise :D
I have been charting my temperatures with Fertility friend and any symptoms I have been getting and I think I may have ovulated between day 21-23 of my cycle! I had 2 days of increasing temps and my cervical fluid was how it was suppose to look. I also had what I believe was ovulation pain (I'm new to feeling any sort of discomfort after 15 years on BC, so was quite apparent. It was one sided on my left and was like a sort of dull ache for about 2 days, if I sat down too quickly or got up too quickly it would also cause slight pain, never bad enough for painkillers though. I also got such sore boobs :lol: which I hardly ever get!
Does anyone think this is possible for me to ovulate in the first cycle after coming off BC? I'm now on day 25 of my cycle and I've had slight brown/pink discharge (sorry TMI :oops: ) could this be my AF coming?
We are not actively TTC just yet as I felt I wanted to see what my body would do first after coming off pill.
I'm soooooo sorry for the long post but it's nice to get this off my chest and not have to explain what PCOS is for once!
I would love to hear anyones stories/experiences of metformin/BC/TTC :) Thank you xx
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