NEW to PCOS - Right Ovary 15cm3, Left 9cm3 - Are These Big?

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NEW to PCOS - Right Ovary 15cm3, Left 9cm3 - Are These Big?

Postby Sarah_Mad32 » Fri Jan 09, 2015 12:16 pm


I am a 32yr old who has just been diagnosed with possible PCOS after thinking I had kidney stones, an internal UltraSound scan showed that I have suspected PCOS with my right ovary showing to be 15cm3 and left 9cm3!

I have no idea whether these would be classed as BIG in terms of PCOS, can someone give me some help as to whether these are seen as large, whether it is likely that I will need surgery or whether pills will be offered? .... I have my 1st consultation with Gyno on Monday, but panicking as can imagine !!!

I am in constant pain, so lack of sleep and this stress of waiting till Monday is driving me nuts!!!

Can anyone advise based on anything that has happened to them etc?

Hence my full story below you can see why I have all the questions I have, I have been round in circles and just want to settle some nerves as best I can to try and get some stress levels down while waiting for my consultation.

Thanks for any help
Sarah xXx

Background Story so far - 
In October I came down with a severe bout of Sickness with abdominal pains, as to which is was given antibiotics for kidney infection, though urine & bloods were clear.
The sickness cleared up after antibiotics a bit, but I have been left with severe pains in lower abdomen, so the doctor then thought it was kidney stones. I went for scan of kidneys, and they saw no stones, but I complained when they went down towards my lower right side.
Following this, I got told to go to A&E for suspected grumbling appendix, which bloods tests proved wasn’t as everything seemed fine with them.
Finally returned back to doctor who advised wanted me to have ultrasound. At this scan I was told that they couldn’t see what wanted to look at in depth after rubbing on belly, so went internal.
Results were sent back to GP in two days, I was asked to come in on the day to see a GP, in that meeting I was given a diagram on piece of paper which showed an ovary with what appeared to be bubbles all around it, told I may have suspected PCOS, advised that my right was 15cm3 and left 9cm3 which was reasoning for all the pain having and that I needed to see a gyno etc….
It has only been in last few weeks I have found out my mother had a cauliflower sized cyst removed alongside a removal of her left Ovary around my age, but as she has a stroke a few years back, memory & full medical reasons as to why has been hard to pull out of her.
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Re: NEW to PCOS - Right Ovary 15cm3, Left 9cm3 - Are These B

Postby Joanne81 » Sat Jan 10, 2015 9:28 am

Hello love. Afraid I cant provide much feedback on ovary size. They have never told me my ovary sizes. I had a 7cm cyst when I was pregnant but all they did was give me a print out from the scan to carry with me. They told me if it burst, it would be painful and take that to A and E. But it never burst.

I'm not sure what surgery they will look at. The cysts will vary constantly throughout life, they will increase/decrease in frequency and size so unless a cyst becomes overly large they generally dont look at them. Your ovarys do sound large as I think they are usually about the size of a walnut but with pcos they will be covered in cysts so bigger but I dont know how big. Sorry, at least they know what the issue is now.
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Re: NEW to PCOS - Right Ovary 15cm3, Left 9cm3 - Are These B

Postby littlepoppet » Sat Jun 06, 2015 10:46 am

Hi, I experienced a similar thing. Ovaries should be about 10 ccm. If they are small that is a concern infertility so i had a gynae tell me having large ones were nothing to worry about. Size can increase due to cysts, both pcos and non-pcos types, and the weight can cause them to twist. At its largest my right one was 60ccm (the technician hadn't seen one so big). I have experienced ovarian and fallopian torsion 3 times so if you are in unbearable pain go to a and e, get an ultrasound with doplar flow. Other than pain torsion has few symptoms.
Hope you have gotten things sorted by now as I can see your post was months ago x
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Re: NEW to PCOS - Right Ovary 15cm3, Left 9cm3 - Are These B

Postby Zuzia01 » Mon Jul 06, 2015 8:14 am

Don't worry, you can live with PCOS. I have PCOS too. I am 31 and was diagnosed when I was 20 years old. 11 years fight with PCOS and I am still fighting. Don't give up - positive thinking is the most important.
Below you have some rules which can be helpful for you:
- women with PCOS often have insulin resistance, so make sure that you have correct sugar level.
- diet is very important if you have PCOS: low fat food, wholegrain bread, fresh vegetables and fruits but these with low glycemic index. You shouldn't drink cola, fanta and any sweet drinks, you shouldn't eat any fast food, or sweet.
You shoulld eat regulary: the best is 5 meals per day and drink a lot of water.
- workout is important too, so you can cycling, jogging, swimming and so on.
I think that if your doctor suspects PCOS, he will make you hormon tests and give you some medicines. You can also ask him if you can take some dietary supplements with myo-inositol which might be helpful in reducing some PCOS symptoms like: acne, insulin resistance, overweight and so on. I take Inofem twice a day. One sachet contains 2000 mg of myo-inositol and 200 ug of folic acid.
I know that you are scared now, I was too. Living with PCOS is not easy but normal life is possible. Go to your doctor and talk about all aspects. Will be ok :)
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