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Help!! :(

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Help!! :(

Postby Lozza9312 » Thu Dec 25, 2014 1:09 am

I got diagnosed with Pcos last year aged 19, whilst me and my (now ex) partner were trying for a baby.
The news came as such a huge blow to me as I've never been interested in travelling, a career etc, all I'd ever wanted was a family and after being with my partner for 8 years we had decided the time was right..

Having gone to the drs/hospital about a thousand times, the drs put me on some antidepressants for my mood swings, metformin to help assist with weight loss, and we were eventually going to start fertility drugs. Until me and my partner split up (which I still blame on my increased severe mood swings), at this point I was then prescribed a type of contraceptive pill to help with the hair growth. Personally since finding out about my Pcos I've massively changed my opinion on the contraceptive pill and don't want to go near it.

The metformin was great, helped me to lose a lot of weight. The antidepressants, well.. I took them for a short while but they only mask the problem and seem to turn you into a walking ball of anxiety etc.

My main concern though, is not the weight (if I push myself I know I can lose it), not even the hair growth (although this is a huge issue for me, I seem to be having to shave off my beard and moustache daily now), but it's these uncontrollable MOOD SWINGS?!!?!!! I can be happily having a laugh one minute, then the next it's almost like I'm possessed and every tiny little thing annoys me, and I can't help but snap!!!! These mood swings usually occur for a good few hours, and I'd probably say I'm currently having them most days, to the point where I almost convince myself I must have bipolar or something majorly wrong with me! I literally have yet to meet anyone like myself, I can be the sweetest person on the earth one minute, then all of a sudden I'm rising from hell. These mood swings are literally controlling my life, they overwhelm me so much that I end up getting myself more wound up and down about it and end up on an even more stinking mood! I've tried taking evening primrose oil as I heard that helps, which it did to a certain extent but not enough!
I'm In a new relationship now (2 months in) and things are amazing, except I've started to notice myself snapping at points, and it's getting harder to control the closer I get to him.
I'm fed up of pushing people away because of it now, I literally have my boyfriend and one friend because I've pushed everyone else away.

Does anyone else with Pcos have this problem or is it just me? Because I honestly feel so alone with it all it's crazy! And has anyone got any suggestions as to what might help my mood swings as I'm just about willing to try anything now!!

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Re: Help!! :(

Postby Hols969 » Thu Dec 25, 2014 7:53 pm

The combined contraceptive pill can help but take 3 months on the trot as I find this controls the moods far better, also reduce all the white carbs in your diet as they play havoc with pcos symptoms, depression is a side effect of pcos so may be worth trying another anti depressant too as there are so many different sorts, they take a month or so to kick in but, in my view, are a bit of a life saver at times. You will get pregnant also, when the time is right, just can sometimes take a bit of time, but we definitely are not infertile and our fertility last better for longer as well.

Good luck and no you certainly are not alone with your moods that's for sure!!
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