Suffering with symptoms

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Suffering with symptoms

Postby LauraMac » Tue Dec 23, 2014 12:12 pm


I was diagnosed with PCOS about 5 years ago but the last year I've been suffering with new symptoms and my Dr seems to be dismissing them. I have the Mirena coil, which has been working so well for me. Due to my weight and family history of DVT I can't use the pill so my Dr suggested the Mirena. It helped no end with painful periods and really calmed everything down.

The last year though I've been suffering with really bad cramps with no bleeding and feeling nauseous with diarrhea as well. I went to my Dr who told me it was the hormones in the Mirena aggravating my cysts and really the only solution would be to have the Mirena out, but I couldn't go back on the pill. I decided to stick with the Mirena for the time being. Lately though I've found that I get bloating, pain that goes round to my sides and lower back at differing times in the month (I don't have any kind of regular cycle!) and about 6-8 hours after intercourse it gets worse and I feel really sick and bloated. I just feel in constant pain and hate having to rely so heavily on pain killers, although I really try not to.

I think it could be endometriosis . . . . does anyone have similar experiences and any suggestions for the next steps? I'm thinking of leaving it a few months, really start taking care of myself (I'm 27 years old and weigh nearly 21 stone!) and see if it improves.

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Re: Suffering with symptoms

Postby LilyGirl » Sat Mar 28, 2015 2:04 pm

Hi Laura: I'm hoping that by now this finds you happy and healthy. If you are still struggling with your symptoms (or they have gotten worse), you might want to check out this site as it contains a ton of information regarding the side effects to the Mirena coil and other alternative ways to deal with the hormone changes. It was very informative and resourceful.
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