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PostPosted: Mon Dec 15, 2014 12:48 am
by Charlottesturges
Where to start I suppose,
So I'm 19 and I was told this year that I had PCOS.
It started last year. I went to my GP when I was 18, my periods are stupidly painful to the point where I've been prescribed painkillers. Plus I hair growing out of some seriously odd places. I got fed up and wanted to know what was going on.
I was sent for hormone blood tests, and I had to force the hospital to send the results to my GP. On getting the results the gp was like, oh your hormones are 'up the wall', you may have some issues with your ovaries. I was sent off for ultrasounds, how I loved having something that could be compared to harry potter's wand shoved up me. It came back that I had no lumps or bumps on my ovaries. Which I thought YES! I'm all good no ovary issues. Irregardless of what I thought I was still sent off to see an endocrinologist.
I met what I thought at first was a nice Irish doctor, me and my mum was sitting in this room and he said well your hormones are an issue, nothing a few pills can't fix, but we need to do more blood tests. I honestly thought I was being pumped for blood at this point.
So I do this and 3 months pass and the pills, I threw up,I couldn't take them.
Now this is a doosey, I'm not good with bad news, I have really bad anxiety, but I didn't think it was gonna be that bad if I'm honest. So I went in on my own. And this is where it all kicks off.
He sits me down, asks me various questions about my family history, if anyone in my family has 'various' problems, if I have any genetic defaults, (which I do, apparently) and then he went well I think it's safe to say you have pcos, you don't have the lumps so it's totally genetic, there is no cure, your are stuck like this, here is the medication. I was in total shock. First thing I asked was well what are my chances of having children then? And he said next to none, I can't convince naturally and I would have to go through fertility treatment to be even within a chance.
Little to say I walked out the room devastated. I'm a 19 year old girl. I haven't reached my mid 20's, I have a loving partner who, I must say has been brilliant, and continues to be brilliant. But it's not only my future that's changed but it's his, and my poor mum, she was hysterical.
I sunk into such a bad depression, I felt like I lost my dream of one day being a mum. One day I was having chest pains, I was having serious anxiety issues, my blood pressure was ready to blow, I was put through counselling and I was stupidly low, I felt like I failed as a woman.
3 months later I went back and ending up his little side kick of a registrar, some woman who was overtly rude and just dismissed me. I was having chronic period pain while I was sitting there rocking, I explained to her, and that by this point in 12 months, ive had 7 different forms of the contraception pill, the hormone pills ( which just makes me throw up ) and a creme ( which after a year has done nothing) my symptoms are just getting worse. She told me to have the exact same pills cremes and changed my contraception pill. Again. She told me I was a 'difficult' case, my hair growth is not as bad as she's seen? I'm not asking about other peoples hair issues, I'm telling you mine is getting worse.
I blew my top. I couldn't believe I was being spoken to like this. After all the pain, distress, how much this doctor has impacted my life, they talk to me like that.
The next day I went to my gp and expressed my anger, distress and demanding a second opinion, she was horrified to hear how I was treated and was more than happy to file for a second opinion. And that's where I'm at now.
I'm mentally better about it, but I still struggle. A 19 year old shouldn't be put though this stuff. I was only offered support when I started going mad, and even that was anti depressant pills, for a while I year old, I don't want others to be like that. I don't know what the future holds with me and this. It's frightening when you still don't have the answers after all this time.
So I'm putting this in the void.
Charlotte Sturges.