Drs cannot help

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Drs cannot help

Postby gracie83 » Wed Dec 03, 2014 9:17 pm

I have just been to the doctors as my symptoms are becoming a problem again. I was at the hair dresser and I was told I could not have my hair cut asi wanted because 'I did not have enough hair' and talk moved to wigs and hair extensions. I am 31 not 61!!! I will be bald in 5 years the rate it is falling out yet it is growing in abundance all over the rest of my body. I just feel so lost the doctors put so much emphasis on loosing weight and they do not seem to know what to do after this. I have been at normal bmi for over a year now and while periods are normal everything else is so much worse than when I was fat! All Dr can say is go on pill which I cannot from past experience and that is that. I asked so do I just sit here and let myself go bald and she said well there is no treatment we can give you. It all feel so hopeless and depressing. Has anyone actually got some help from their doctors?
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Re: Drs cannot help

Postby Joanne81 » Fri Dec 05, 2014 6:22 pm

Hi Gracie,

Apologies as I can offer no words of wisdom for you. I have excess body hair but never discussed that, or any other symptoms apart from my fertility, with the GP.

Just wanted to say your post broke my heart a little as although I hate my symptoms, they are generally well hidden. Hope you get the answers you need and the support xxxxx
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Re: Drs cannot help

Postby Hols969 » Mon Dec 08, 2014 7:58 am

We do have a few ladies with the same issue and have quite a bit of knowledge on that area. I think the hair loss is actually the worst symptom of pcos as it is so difficult to hide - is it just a gp you are seeing or have you been referred to an endocrinologist ? I decided to cut my hair short as I was losing so much and having to unplug the plug hole full of hair I found really depressing (I don't notice it so much as it's short now) and I'm lucky that I have a lot of hair and it's curly so hides the thinning areas ok for now!!

I would get referred to an endocrinologist as their are things you can try which may help.

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