Why don't Drs listen when I say I don't want Mirena Coil?

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Why don't Drs listen when I say I don't want Mirena Coil?

Postby sallymac153 » Mon Nov 24, 2014 6:03 pm

Was diagnosed in 1991 at age 20 and put on Dianette and continued to take that until 2007 when I decided to stop taking it as I read that it's use was recommended for much shorter periods of time than I had been on it for and I became convinced that it was a contributor to depression which I had suffered during my 20s and 30s. Periods since then have been what I considered normal and regular until this year. As the year has gone on they have become increasingly heavy and I went my GP in July. Multiple blood tests later and my GP informs me that results don't support my PCOS diagnosis! Ultrasound scan in August showed a cyst on my left ovary which on a follow-up scan had reduced in size. GP had mentioned Mirena coil to me as an option and I had looked it up and the patient information leaflet on the Mirena website states that it shouldn't be used if you 'have or have had an abnormal smear test' - I had an abnormal smear test and treatment in 2007.
Was referred to hospital to see a consultant and I had my appointment today and it didn't go well. Despite telling consultant that I was very reluctant to have coil fitted and the reasons (including information in patient leaflet about abnormal smear tests), I wasn't informed if there were any alternative treatments and basically was told that she was going to fit coil today and also take a sample of the lining of my womb - yeah right!. Turns out that due to the treatment I had on my cervix in 2007 she couldn't find the canal through it to either get the required sample or fit the coil. So after much prodding, poking and discomfort she then decided to try with an endoscope - that didn't work either and came home in pain and bleeding. Am now going to have to go back as a day patient to get sample taken under a general anaesthetic and am even more reluctant to have coil fitted !
Is it any wonder I hate doctors!
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