New and scared

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New and scared

Postby katy3kk » Wed Oct 15, 2014 6:23 pm

HI All, I’m not really sure on where to start here, but I will give it a go. I’m 26 now and I was informed when I was 18 that I have PCOS. So here is my short story:
I went from being a skinny size 10, 14yrs old to being size 16 by my 15th birthday, put it down to hormones. From the ages 14 – 17 I had a few periods a year, and when I was on, they hurt. Hurt so much that I struggled to move without the pain crippling me, oh and would last for a long time (the longest was 3months). I went to the doctors who said it was “my weight” causing all these issues and then would put me on the pill, they never regulated me.

When I was 18 my current partner, said that I needed to see a specialised doctor who could “help” me understand what was going on. After being tested by a gynaecologist I was given the news that I had PCOS, she was amazing and told me “I was not alone” and that there was support out there and that my doctor could help me. She informed me that; my periods, my weight, extra hair on my body and skin issues were all down to PCOS and an in balance of my hormones. I felt secure knowing that there was something making me like this and that I was not a broken a person. Feeling secure I went back to my GP who said “ok, well we can look at your options when you want to start a family, apart from that just eat healthier and exercise”. So I gave up, I was an 18year old who felt no support and gave up and never looked at other options for support.

I’ve moved doctors twice since then, one who was really supportive and seemed to be “aware” of PCOS and the current one, who thought that my on-going period of two months was an “std” and now that I’m again a long cycle I feel scared to go back and ask for help, let alone ask her what fatality options I have open to me. Am I the only person who feels scared to speak to a new doctor and have to explain PCOS?

I’ve never really looked into PCOS, as I was told by my doctor “it could make a few issues for me when I want to get pregnant, come back when you want to talk about the options” I mean
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Re: New and scared

Postby White Dragon » Wed Oct 15, 2014 8:00 pm

I'm sorry you haven't had more help. Me myself, the doctor told me when my results came through that they would keep an eye on it in case things get worse but otherwise didn't seem that worried. She didn't say much about it. I have done a little research though. It might be worth talking to your doctor and letting her know how worried you are. You are not alone in being scared to talk to someone new though. It can take a while to build trust. I haven't really talked to someone properly about my pcos yet but I was only diagnosed a few weeks ago.
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Re: New and scared

Postby wrigglepup » Wed Oct 15, 2014 9:53 pm

Hi katy3kk,
my heart goes out to you and the brick wall you seem to hit, I understand as it seems most people don't get pcos, I didn't have much problem getting a diagnosis and was able to see a dietitian who was opened my eyes back in 2008. But its taken till now and face pcos, couldn't face explaining to every one why I shouldn't eat "normal food" and all that! See the contraceptive nurse a couple of weeks ago I asked her about a blood sugar test as I heard we should have one regularly, she just looked up my bmi on the computer and said it's 25, that's ok, I'm only 5'1 small boned and know I carry weight all over so suspected a bmi of 25 may be wrong! I couldn't be bothered to argue. It does feel lonely out there, at least we have each other, a lot of ladies have good support from friends and family, I feel mine just think I'm just being complicated ( I just ignore them).
I hope you get help from your doctor x
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