New to the forum... and PMT questions!

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New to the forum... and PMT questions!

Postby Bess » Thu Aug 28, 2014 10:57 am

Hi everyone, new to the forum and I bring questions I hope others can shed some light on :-)

I'm a 22 year old woman who has been diagnosed with PCOS by an endocrinologist and prescribed metformin along with the combined pill recently, after years and years of being passed from pillar to post, from endo to endo and enough bloodtests to last a large a family a life time lol. I have not started taking the medications yet, due to my anxiety around medications, but it is my intention to do so eventually. I know that my DEA/DHEA levels are higher than normal and have been for years - apparently all my other hormone levels (including testosterone oddly enough) are normal and within average range (despite the fact I do suffer the hair growth etc).

I'm actually wandering if anybody else suffers some god awful PMT symptoms? I'm not talking a bit of periods pains, a headache and being a crank/weepy. I am talking an achy body (lower back, hips, sides and thighs) sore joints (to the point I find it very tiring just trying to get up and down the stars), brain fog + confusion, a very upset stomach and loss of appetite. Emotionally wise, I often feel extremely emotionally numb, as if I'm not even there anymore, conversation and a desire to be around others or do anything I usually love completely goes out the window. I am usually a happy chatty thing. This lasted for four days this time (I actually thought I was coming down with a bug - it didn't register as my cycles aren't regular) - yet last cycle it was headaches with sensitivity to light, crying and an incredible increase in appetite. MRS Period came last night, and today the aches are gone, stomach is better and mood has improved, though I still feel a little spaced out and not with it.

I'm guess I'm wondering if any other suffers get such severe symptoms prior to their period, and if the symptoms themselves change from cycle to cycle. Family etc don't understand, each cycle they conclude I just catch "odd bugs" which is responsible for the symptoms. Also, will metformin or the combined pill help with any of this? The GP's are clueless, and the Endo's just want you out the door quick so they can get to the next number.

Thanks in advance xxx
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Re: New to the forum... and PMT questions!

Postby Hols969 » Fri Sep 12, 2014 9:27 am

The combined pill should help with the PMT and I would take 2-3 months on the trot (I can only do 2 months as I start to spot) but this will reduce the symptoms even further. I would not take the metformin yet (this can cause awful side effects), so start the pill first and see how that goes and then consider metformin (there is no uk evidence that metformin helps from a pcos point of view for the majority of pcos ladies). Were you tested for diabetes/insulin resistance as metformin is not licenced for pcos in the UK?
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