Do I go back to the doctors?

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Do I go back to the doctors?

Postby amykr93 » Tue Jul 22, 2014 11:12 am

Last year, around September time, I went to the doctors for a variety of reasons. One resulted in me finding out I had a gluten intolerance and the other was because of irregular periods even while on the pill (Microgynon). I would bleed for a few days every 2 weeks, and sometimes I wouldn't bleed for a few months.

I was sent for an ultrasound where it was discovered that I have cysts on my ovaries, and quite bad ones at that. This led my doctor to presuming I had PCOS, but then carried out blood work which came back normal. In January this year I moved in with my fiance and went back to the doctors in March again because of irregular periods while on the pill (Microgynon still).
I told her about the previous ultrasound and then the doctor telling me that the blood was normal. The doctor then told me that since I had been on hormonal BC it would have affected the results and made them appear normal even if they weren't.

She prescribed me Loestrin for the irregular periods, and while it did help regulate them to one bleed a month it made other symptoms of PCOS worse - my skin is oilier, more spots, my moods were horrific etc.
I was given three months but stopped after two because I couldn't take it any more. My first month off the pill resulted in a 24 day cycle with a horrible bleed (withdrawal I think). This is the second month and I had a 34 day cycle and I think it's almost over (spotted one day, bled yesterday and now it seems to have died down today).

I had phoned the doctors over 2 weeks ago requesting to speak to someone about a new type of pill as Loestrin wasn't working with me. They had no one for me to speak to until yesterday (when I should have started as it was the first day of my period) and it was only the nurse. She confirmed again that the blood tests would have been skewed because of the pill, and instead of seeing if there was anything else to help she gave me Microgynon again, but if I wanted further help go to Family Planning because they are "more informed". However, she didn't pass the prescription to the pharmacy and now I'm without birth control again.

I'm wondering if I should go to the doctors again and request another ultrasound and blood test to get definite answers and then see if they can pass me on to someone more informed, or should I just go to the Family Planning and ask their advice?

I know nothing about PCOS bar what I've read on the internet as I've had no help, because my first doctor didn't realise that testing for hormones while putting them in to my body artificially every day wouldn't affect things.

EDIT: along with the irregular periods and cysts showing on ultrasounds I have the bad skin, crappy hair, inability to lose weight despite exercising daily and watching calories, moods and depression - however if all of this is connected to PCOS I'd rather have that confirmed and have help because of that instead of making multiple doctors appointments for each little thing (which can seem a bit daft).
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Re: Do I go back to the doctors?

Postby Hols969 » Tue Jul 22, 2014 1:37 pm

If you look in the medication forum you will see which pill is good for which pcos symptom which may help. Cysts can come and go so I wouldn't worry about more bloods and scan, just need to find a pill that suits. I'm not sure how clued up the family planning are on pcos so they may beno better than the dr.
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