New to Verity but not to PCOS

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New to Verity but not to PCOS

Postby MrsRoth0806 » Mon May 26, 2014 1:24 pm

Hi everyone,

I have recently had my 24th birthday and have made a decision with my husband to look into fertility treatments available. I was diagnosed early 2010 but had been misdiagnosed from 2001 / 02 when I started to have unbarable pains to the point where I couldn't walk. No one believed me. They all thought (teachers, nurses, parents, Drs) that it was "growing pains". I only found out that I have PCOS because after numerous visits to the Drs about my irregular periods and had to prove multiple times that I wasn't pregnant. I was eventually sent for an ultrasound for an eptopic pregnancy (which it wasn't) and my now husband (then bf) wasn't allowed in the room with me because they had "something different on their sheets" which I still have no idea what it was. They then proceeded to tell me that both my ovaries were completely covered in cysts and had most likely been there since before puberty. And they turned around and said that "it could be cancer". Now bearing in mind all they did was "thank you very much we will send your results to your GP" and left me on my way to drive home wasnt the best thing in the world to do with any patient.

I have been on numerous contraceptive pills before finding out about the PCOS and have only been on another course recently (February 2014 - April 2014) and brought back off them as they were making my mood swings worse. I have also been told for numerous year that they wont treat me for them until I deceide that I want to have children.

I am undergoing other medical treatment for problems with my lower back (a torn muscle 6 years ago) for which I am being sent for my first scan this coming Friday (yes, 6 years after the original incident) and that is only because my muscles went into spasm the other week and the Dr said "he had never seen me that bad" and my husband said "it looked like something out of Alien" so God help me with PCOS treatment and starting our own family.

Has anyone else had their head constantly banged on walls and being ignored?
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Re: New to Verity but not to PCOS

Postby Hols969 » Tue May 27, 2014 7:12 pm

Yes, unfortunately your story is not unfamiliar which is why the charity was created. I was diagnosed about 25 years ago when even less was known (it was private though) and was pretty much told and that was it as it wasn't as common as it is now, it doesn't seem much has changed though as a lot who are recently diagnosed are still told nothing about the condition (and any long term consequences of it) and that it is just thought of as a fertility issue. I was told at the time that I wouldn't be able to have children, but we know that is rubbish now but they do still come out with that one as well. It is pretty rare not to conceive because of pcos, some it takes a short time and some a bit longer. So you certainly are not alone with how you were told!!

Welcome to Verity.
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