Hello :) struggling to find sound advice

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Hello :) struggling to find sound advice

Postby Nessie » Fri Apr 11, 2014 10:05 am

Hello everyone!

I have been diagnosed for nearly two years now but, in my opinion, I keep being fobbed off by my doctor and I'm struggling to cope with it all!

I was prescribed the contraceptive pill as a teenager (aged 15) to help with very painful cramping during periods but they caused me to have migraines. Doctors tried me on two other pills but neither worked and I eventually stopped taking them at the age of 19. My cramps were never as bad after that so it was maybe just a hormonal teenage thing.

My brother passed away Jan 2010 and my periods stopped that summer. I went from being very regular to just all of a sudden they didn't appear that month. At the time I was 21 and about 13st, so overweight for being 5'3". At first I thought being period-free was a blessing but became concerned about 7-8 months later when it still didn't arrive. Went to doctor who told me I was merely 'grieving and stressed'.

About 6 months later (1 year period-free) my parents pushed me into going back to doctors. A blood test came back clear and I was told to lose weight and my periods would return. Went for a smear test a couple of months later and was referred to hospital for an ultrasound where I was told I had cysts on my ovaries, but definitely not PCOS.

By this time I was up to 16st (3st gained in a year) and joined a slimming world group whereby managed to lose 2st, and hurray! - my periods returned, although irregular.

I then moved house and so had to change doctors. My new doctor did a blood test among others, and the results came back that I did indeed have PCOS and would struggle with it forever as there was no cure and i 'probably wouldn't have children ever'. I left feeling very upset and confused. It is only through my own reading that I have tried to understand what PCOS is.

I was always brought up to not waste a doctors time unless anything is physically wrong with you, like your arm is hanging off (!!) so I am reluctant to go again.

My weight has crept up to over 17st in the past 18 months alone (gained 3.5st in 12 months) and I am really struggling to lose it. Every time I step on the scales I've gained. I've started walking 5kms a day but it's just making me even more tired and achy. Lately I've often felt dizzy, breathless and nauseated. It will just hit me when I'm at work, and will go of its own accord. I am now using lactose free milk etc as it sits better with me but nothing seems to be working. I joined a slimming club again and I just seem to be getting bigger and bigger!

I don't know at which point to go to the doctor again, the last time I went I was in for five minutes, during which she didn't even weigh me, just told me to eat only 1000 calories a day. I tried it for a fortnight (had 3 bad days) and I still gained weight. I was offered the pill to control excess hair and to 'give ' me a period but I can't take it because of migraines.

I don't know what to do! :(
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