Long way off the menopause at 56

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Long way off the menopause at 56

Postby maturepcos » Sun Feb 23, 2014 12:43 pm

Is there anyone else out there who is in their late 50s, been told they are "nowhere near" the menopause who has found a Gynaecologist anywhere in the UK who has a genuine interest in helping women in their late 50s who have PCOS (rather than being interested in younger, child-bearing age women)???

I have now been bleeding EVERY DAY since August 20th 2013. I have been pushed from one gynaecologist to another -one said they would remove my ovaries to stop my bleeding, one said that she felt I needed a hysterectomy and referred me to a Consultant Gynae Oncologist who performs keyhole hysterectomy on "larger" ladies (my BMI is 47) and so I've been waiting since November for this to be done. In the meantime I have had 4 "events" where I have passed clots the size of my palm, been taken up to A&E following one of these episodes only to be told by another Consultant Gynaecologist that she hadn't got a "magic wand" to stop my bleeding. In the meantime I've been left to cope with wearing super plus tampax plus 2 night-time pads, which have required to be changed every hour. Reassuringly I have not become anaemic - but even this has been put to me rather as an accusation (my Hb us usually high at around 16 and has fallen to 14). I am a Manager within the NHS and the last straw for me was when standing up from sitting I passed a huge clot and tampax onto the office floor, the clot had flooded the 2 pads and gone down my trouser leg onto the floor. I share the office with a 26 year old young man. I have never been so embarrassed and horrified in my life! I am really at the end of my tether with all this now. I've been told I'm nowhere near the menopause, even though I'll be 57 in April. This is why I wondered if there was anyone else out there who has suffered the same and found someone who understands what it must feel like. I have no quality of life, cannot function as a professional or personally. My latest Consultant has now offered to do a hysteroscopy (rather than the hysterectomy I was referred to him for) and a womb ablation using Thermachoice - has anyone else had this treatment? My main concern is that I have a fibroid which was diagnosed last June and wonder if this is the correct course of action. Initially he will take endometrial biopsies before the ablation and has told me if anything is shown on the biopsies he will be able to do the hysterectomy, but this is a great risk as I will require 2 anaesthetists (I have chronic obstructive sleep apnoea), 2 gynaecologists and a vascular surgeon. He's banged on about the high risk to me - how I could end up with a hole in my bladder, hole in my bowel, but I've reached the point now I couldn't care I just want to stop bleeding and get on with my life. Previously my last big bleed was from September 2012 to Feb 2013 - I constantly took Norethisterone during this time plus Tranxamic Acid so much so that the prolonged use of Norethisterone made my grossly diabetic having to inject Insulin and take Metformin. (I am no longer diabetic and the reaction has been reported to the drug company as an adverse reaction). Since the start of 2014 I've been taking 12 Tranxamic Acid tablets and 2 10 mg Provera tablets a day and still I am bleeding, but not passing clots any longer. IS THERE ANYONE OUT THERE WHO HAS SUFFERED A SIMILAR FATE TO ME and knows of someone anywhere in the UK who could help me??
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