Down, doubting diagnosis and desperate for any advice!

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Down, doubting diagnosis and desperate for any advice!

Postby vanillabean » Sun Feb 02, 2014 11:19 pm


Very relieved to have found this site and encouraged by the very helpful and supportive responses!

I've recently been diagnosed with PCOS and I'm desperate to sort myself out and REALLY hoping to do it without anti depressants or the pill. With that in mind, does anyone have any advice on where to read up on it (apart from this great website!) or can anyone suggest any books, or where do I start finding a nutrition plan or information about alternative therapies etc.? There's a lot of conflicting info online and I'm finding it confusing and stressful (just tonight I've found 2 different sites, one saying soya is a great alternative to dairy for pcos, and another saying it's a bad idea for women with pcos!)

I'm also very confused about pcos, especially as it took a lot of doctors and tests saying it was just a bout of the ol' depression, so if anyone has a spare 5 mins and can bear to read through my essay (sorry!) I would very much appreciate any advice you might be able to give or similar experience you might be able to share. I'm feeling very alone in this as no one around me has it or even has depression! (At least openly!)

To give a bit of background I started having horrific period pains a couple of years ago, with a bit of irregularity and acne, had tests for PCOS but was told all was normal so in my desperation (the pain was THAT bad) and as an experiment I decided to come off the pill and although the pain stopped I had one really long and really annoying period lasting a month then have only had one period since (in 2 years!). I'd actually been really late in life in starting my periods, and quickly went on the pill so technically I've never had a normal period without the pill, or to put it better, how would I even know? (I'm quite worried that I've messed myself up through taking the pill for so long).

After a few trips to the doctors over the last few years who were telling me "not to worry, they'll soon come back" and one trip to a homeopathic therapist who said it was something to do with my pancreas and insulin levels, I finally said NO enough is enough when I'd been having horrible mood swings. That's actually quite an understatement as its more like anxiety attacks and horrible depressive episodes which can last from just hours to days of crying uncontrollably without reason and unable to leave my bed. Following 2 rounds of tests I've been told it's pcos (although even the doctors seemed quite unsure!?). My main symptoms are depression and anxiety (I have no knowledge of this and no experience with friends or family so I don't know what's normal, I'm sometimes up, sometimes very hyper, all over the place really), weight gain (although my diet was awful for a year and a half, pure carbs, so this would be expected wouldn't it?) and acne, and at one point people around me kept telling me I was losing my hair!

I have no other symptoms that I can think of like hair growth and my blood test actually said I had higher levels of oestrogen, and on here you lovely ladies are saying your pcos comes with higher levels of testosterone?

I still have this doubt in the back of my mind (well, I'm constantly thinking about it all really) as the doctors were saying it was stress and depression for ages (they would ask if I'd been through any stressful situation and I would mention a break up and they would get all excited like "YEP that'll do!"). I'm still quite upset that I had a label slapped on it, offered antidepressants AGAIN and told I might have a problems when trying to have kids and then pushed back out the door with a printout of a "how your periods work" guide more relevant to pre-pubescent girls! (I'm in my mid-twenties.)

As I was first told it was depression I have started counselling in a bid to sort myself out asap, which might be helping I suppose, will definitely try to stick it out, and I do feel a bit better for having lost a bit of weight and exercising, which I will continue. But I just have these awful ups and downs and then live in fear of these depressive episodes, I'm not sleeping and what I am is very poor quality.

So, very sorry to have written a book on it, but if you do have any words or support, or could tell me if it does sound like PCOS, or suggest anything which doesn't involve the pill or antidepressants (or perhaps tell me that at the end of the day I should just take them!?) then I REALLY appreciate it!!!

Thank you very much in advance! X
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Re: Down, doubting diagnosis and desperate for any advice!

Postby Hols969 » Mon Feb 03, 2014 6:29 pm

Aaah the wonderful black moods for no real reason, I remember them well. Depression IS a symptom of pcos, lots of us have suffered with it and also anxiety. Further research is needed as they don't know if it is the symptoms of pcos or the hormone imbalance that causes it. For me anti depressants and the contraceptive pill helped me massively, I'm no longer on ad's but actually wouldn't hesitate to go back on them as they did help me massively through those black days, I'm still on the pill which keeps my hormones more level which does help. One thing that may help the pcos symptoms is to cut out the white carb and as much sugar as well.

You certainly are not alone with how you feel that's for sure!!
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Re: Down, doubting diagnosis and desperate for any advice!

Postby Iona84 » Sun Feb 23, 2014 10:13 pm

Hi, I found reading the NICE Guidelines on PCOS really useful... I went to my GP in December due to irregular periods since stopping contraception in March 2013. I had blood tests, all ok except very low progesterone; Ultrasound in Jan showed my right ovary was enlarged with enlarged follicles. I was told this was indicative of PCOS and have been referred to Gynaecology (triage appt this week). I don't relate to a lot of the symptoms described on the web but the NICE Guidelines really break down all the symptoms and what GP's should do and when to refer onto secondary care. Depression and anxiety is also mentioned..
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