Wrong Diagnosis??

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Wrong Diagnosis??

Postby Concernedboy » Mon Sep 24, 2012 9:35 am

Hi, I'm sorry to bother you, I'm just a concerned boyfriend who is posting on behalf of his girlfriend, we wanted some advice for tonight before we decide what to do. my only posts will be in this thread and I won't be venturing anywhere else and invading other peoples posts....
But over a year ago, my girlfriends sister had an ovary removed due to PCOS and it had a large cyst on it... Since then as a precaution last year, my girlfriend went to the doctors to get checked out, and got referred for a scan.
The specialist had said the ovaries had small cysts on, and the ovary was slightly enlarged. but nothing too sinsiter, and it wasn't anything too troublesome, they said about drilling, but said because my girlfriend is 23 it was too risky and could be more worse than good... but said should any problems rise, come back and get another scan...

Jumping forward to august now, After intercourse my girlfriend had slight bleeding, and we thought it may have been because she carried on the pill for a week, because we were away on holiday that week.. We thought nothing too much of it, and just thought because the pill had been carried on, it may have been quite normal, or thought I may have gone a little too deep, the next day everything was fine, so we had no worries

a little history into my girlfriends constant symptons and stuff.
my girlfriend usually has a painful period, usually has sharp stabbing pains on the right hand side specificly, and for the last few months (even when not having her period) she has a constant dull ache in her lower back, on the right hand side directly behind her ovaries... Sometimes when i'm massaging i can feel tension there, and applying pressure hurts more to an unbearable threshold.

Other side symptons leading upto where i'm getting to, sometimes at work my girlfriend will get a sharp stabbing pain in her abdoman, which has happened more recently (within the last few months) and it's really painful for her, and quite often has a niggely feeling inside her abdomen on the right hand side near her ovaries..
Also Fatigue is another sympton, Last night we had 12 hours sleep and my girlfriend still managed to have a nap for half an hour on the day and still felt tired, and quite often does fall asleep really early and is quite often drained.

Which brings us to where we are today, On wednesday we were having intercourse, and in missionary postion, we find it works well for both of us, and usually feels a lot better for both of us going really deep.. and when I attempted to go deep, my girlfriend had a really really sharp pain on her right hand side again around her ovaries. so we slowed down, and stopped going so deep... we carried on, and then again went a tiny bit too deep. and it hurt so we decided to stop.

We had been to the doctors about something else totally unrelated and questioned this, he said we could have just "Pinged an ovarie" but we have never ever done this before, and it's a position we use the most, it's generally our go to position.
A week later we gave time for things to settle down, and yesterday we tried again, and had the same very very sharp pain which caused severe discomfort to my girlfriend. Since then she has constantly had the pain in her back, the ovary area has been niggeling quite often, and the rest of the day she had smaller stabbing pains, painful enough to cause her to crease over for a split second in pain, also during period pains, the pain pushes down to my girlfriends thighs aswel, which we have read has similarities and reference to PCOS problems

we went to the doctors this morning and explained everything...

She said it's most likley a water infection because of the pain in the back (which has been there for over 3 months) , and said the pain near the ovaries is because we've changed our sex position (which we havnt) and said because we've went too deep it's caused the womb to slightly rock and cause this unbearable sharp stabbing pain?? We tried to push for a scan, she said wait for 3 weeks (because we go on holiday on monday) and then try and book a scan...
when we tried explaing stuff she was really dismissive, didn't ask about the severity of the pain, or the frequency of the pain, didn't even have a feel around to see specificly where the pain was on the front or back.. She only gave a verbal assesment, and a urine test, and said "It could possible be a water infection from this test, I think i'm sure enough to give a diagnosis" As soon as we mentioned something she would say "but the pain is during intercoruse" and would agree with that, but when we mentioned other times it's hurt, she would totally overlook it and go onto something totally unrelated? It's asif listened to half of the symptons and totally overlooked my girlfriends history.. and said "Pain in back = Water infection" "pain during sex = womb rocked" and as soon as she made that choice nothing else mattered what we said.

I'm really worried and don't like the idea of going on holiday almost knowing for certain the doctor is wrong in her diagnosis. We are thinking of maybe going to A&E tonight to try and get a scan? Whats peoples opinions on the doctors diagnosis of a water infection? and a "rocked womb?" and do you think it's worth going to A&E for a scan before we go on holiday to make sure nothing is wrong?

I'm sorry for refering to my girlfriend as "My Girlfriend" just wanted to keep things confidential for my girlfriends behalf.
Thank you so much for any help and opionons

- Worried Boyfriend :)
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Re: Wrong Diagnosis??

Postby Hols969 » Mon Sep 24, 2012 10:17 am

I think the name of PCOS is misleading, ovary removal is not linked at all to pcos or large cysts (pcos cysts are actually really follicles so it is a very misleading name). Often the drilling is only done for when you want to try for a family, it is not risky particularly but does involve a general anaesthetic and often the cysts will come back as well (they are only a symptom of pcos and not the cause).

Painful periods are not generally a symptom of pcos either but can be caused by endometrosis, also painful sex is also not a symptom, does she get her smears done regularly as well? Do you know the contraceptive pill she is on? You can bleed or spot if you continue the pill on sometimes (I take mine 3 months on the trot to reduce the symptoms but did get spotting early on). Have you both been checked for STI's as well just as a precaution?

Fatigue does appear to be a symptom of pcos and is often caused by a lack of Vitamin D (I take a vit d supplement and it helps generally).

Sorry I probably havent been that much help. The only worry is if you are going away then if she has some sort of water or kidney infection they you would need antibiotics as it can be very painful.

She really needs to go back and seen an endocrinologist as PCOS is their expertise.
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