Wasn't really sure where to put this...

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Wasn't really sure where to put this...

Postby Kasha » Wed Apr 28, 2010 7:34 am

Hoping to just bounce a few thngs off you lovely ladies, I'm thinking you might be able to answer my questions better than the docs who seem quite happy to leave things be. So I'm hoping some of you have experience to share with me please!

My story in brief - formally diagnosed in 2005 with multiple cysts on my ovaries seen on ultrasound, bloods were ok apart from testosterone which was a bit high. Referred to gynae complaining of abdo pain a yr later, still have cysts on my ovaries, and symptoms generally getting worse - excess hair, sweating, headaches, irregular periods, *hypos* after food... etc. No-one addressed the pain issue (I have a lot of abdo pain, and pain during sex too) told that pco isn't painful and sent on my way.
Went back to GP in Feb because I'd stopped breastfeeding and my pain was terrible as were my sumptoms again (on mini pill) Changed on to combined pill and referred back to gynae where I had a lap yesterday.
My symptoms have all but disappeared now being on the combined pill for 3 months. Lap was inconclusive. No endometriosis uterus and tubes fine and my ovaries altho enlarged were relatively cyst free. The registrar came to see me after the proceedure (when I was still groggy from the anaesthetic!) told me the good news, put the appearance of my ovaries down to post pregnancy and gave me no answer why I've got pain - did insinuate it might be related to bowels but they are fine really and no different whether I'm on the pill or not - so surely if it was that then i would still get lots of pain ragardless of being on the pill or not? I don't have symptoms of IBS particularly.

So ladies anyone else have this? Can being on the pill change the appearance of the ovaries perhaps? Is that why I'm symptom free on it? We're talking about me coming off it in truth because I don't like it, I had a 5 day long headache last week and that's happening every month plus I feel moody and irritable...and also we are considering whether to have one more crack at trying for a second child before I hit 40 next year.

I'm a bit frustrated this morning and I know I should be happy becasue it's a fantastic lap result. It's just left me with more questions than before and with no-one willing to answer them. I've been discharged from gynae now.
Sorry for the rambly post and thanks for reading xx

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