Early Periods.....anyone know the cause?!

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Early Periods.....anyone know the cause?!

Postby jessical » Mon Apr 19, 2010 8:38 am

Morning Ladies

I havent been on in a while but I am here again to seek some help from the bank of information you ladies are do generous with!

I have been having regular periods since being put on Metformin almost a year ago and they generally range from 26-34 days although I do have many that are annovulatory. I recently began taking Agnus Castus tincture because when I do ovulate I have a very short luteal phase and was hoping it might help me out. The first month I took it my cycle was longer (34 days) but i ovulated on about day 23/24 but this cycle I havent noticed a temp spike so assumed I hadnt ovulated and I just woke up to find my period is here on day 24 and is pretty fierce which is unlike me! Does anyone know if this could be down to the Agnus Castus or if there is another reason? I had all early signs of imminent ovulation (CM and position were changing) but no temp spike, in fact my temps have been VERY low this month (generally below 36.15c/97.07F).

If this has happened to anyone before I would appreciate some insight into what is going on with my cycle this month!

Thanks to all who respond.....

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