diagnosed with PCOS but no treatment

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diagnosed with PCOS but no treatment

Postby amazingly » Sun Jun 21, 2015 4:25 pm

Hi there,

I am new to the forum and hoping to share experiences with other women here, already established on the website - thanks in advance for any welcomes I might get. :|

About me:

I am 42 - do not feel like I am and certainly look nothing like it either, due to extremely oily skin and some genetics. I was diagnosed with PCOS two years ago to find out why I am having either prolonged heavy mensturation and also absent ones in addition. My GP did not give me anything to remedy the problem because of being slightly obese (2.5 stones) overweight and a regular smoker, so I am basically not having any treatment at all for it. *Please note, I have not smoked all of my adult life and started at 22 to look older to get into clubs, and have given up at least three times during my 20's and 30's for some good few years each, and do intend to give up again this year - can't handle patches as my skin reacts badly to these and am not allowed the tablet form (also) due to my weight)according to my GP.

I have an okay rapport with my GP/s but don't have a particular one as my medical surgery is one that operates on a drop-in basis. I often aviod going to the surgery because I have experienced what I can only describe as what feels like discrimminatory reaction from the GPS who are mostly all asian doctors, and high achieving in their own right, yet will have different cultural or moral values different to that of my own in some respects, so please hopefully understand that this is an important factor and not anything more. My
surgery and the GP'S are well aware of my mental health conditions that consist of clinical depression, PTSD, anxiety and borderline personality disorder - I never label myself with these things, yet am on medications for these.

I am trying to tackle my weight issues so that I can get onto the combined pill that I have been told will regulate my hormones and in turn, bring about some form of treatment for the PCOS. However, I am also agorpahobic and terriffied of going outside alone to do some mean walking - I am doing it in stages, yet extremely very self conscious of my size - I am a size 18/20 in clothes but have great stature and very attractive, yet still have issues with 'image' that mostly stem back to my past having being through extensive abuse all my childhood life, so not just about PCOS that apparently has a 'bloating' affect on the whole. I drink lots of water and eat cucumber daily and proper healthy foods most days yet
does not stop the bloaty affect on me.

Sorry that is is so long and for my first post to. Most grateful of your help and support. :?:
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Re: diagnosed with PCOS but no treatment

Postby Hols969 » Tue Jun 23, 2015 7:59 am

You may want to consider doing the 5:2 diet, it's her simple that you restrict 2 days to 500 calories each day, I was really worried I would get lightheaded or dizzy buti didn't. It is actually ok to feel hungry so it has changed how I look at hunger that is for sure. Sometimes we eat for the wrong reasons and if you are feeling low then it's quite difficult to get them under control I think.
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