Newly diagnosed and know nothing!

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Newly diagnosed and know nothing!

Postby Alit39 » Thu Aug 08, 2013 9:33 pm

I'm 41 and although suffering symptoms since I was 15 have just been diagnosed together with my 14 year old daughter.

The main symptoms I have now is the excess hair, over weight and bad skin.

I haven't had a period since I had the Mirena coil first fitted after my son was born 11 years ago so don't suffer any period related problems.

My daughter was diagnosed by symptoms and a blood test. I had the same blood test but the doctor said that it showed that I was more likely menopausal. (the top number which should be slightly higher than the bottom one was a lot higher to which she said "I hope you don't want to extend your family" which I took as being menopausal).

I was told nothing can be done about excess hair and was basically just advised to lose weight and then not eat carbs.

Is there more I should know?
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Re: Newly diagnosed and know nothing!

Postby Hols969 » Fri Aug 09, 2013 10:10 am

There is stuff you can do with facial hair and that is laser or IPL - I did this about 6 years ago, expensive yes but soooo worth it!! You do need to maintain it though as it is hormonal so once you get rid of most of the hair you will still need to maintain it a few times a year. There is a cream you can use called vaniqa which slows down the hair growth (this can be used in conjunction with laser/ipl, the SK:N clinic actually sell this along with laser!) but generally GP's don't mention it as its quite expensive for them to prescribe!)

Im not sure your GP is right about you being menopausal I have to say, especially at 41, PCOS in my view is similar to going through the menopause anyway I think, hot flushes etc and as PCOS is hereditary down the male and female line (misleading name as it is not ovary related), its pretty clear you have PCOS, especially as your daughter has just been diagnosed, I think your GP looked at your age and thought menopausal - unfortunately a lot of GP's are not very clued up on PCOS still (I was diagnosed about 25 years ago but privately) and unfortunately some GP's are still totally clueless and think of PCOS as just a fertility problem which it isnt. We are at an increased risk of diabetes and heart disease due to PCOS so really your top priority is to lose the weight (Ive replied on the diet thread as well).

If you join the charity you get 11 booklets with your years membership (£15) which give information about the individual issues that can occur with PCOS as well, it also supports the charity as well to continue to raise awareness of pcos as this is still very much lacking unfortunately.....
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Re: Newly diagnosed and know nothing!

Postby Alit39 » Fri Aug 09, 2013 12:32 pm

Thank you. I think my GP just thought that as I wasn't suffering any if the period related problems and would probably not be worried by the fertility problems due to my age and having had 2 children that the rest of the symptoms could just be lived with so didn't give me any advice or anything.

I wasn't sure if there were supplements that I could take to improve things etc. I don't mind being menopausal really, it's a possibility, but it was more a case of wanting to help myself and not knowing how.

The GP treated my daughter by putting her on Dianette (which I had when I was a teenager anyway to treat my periods and skin) and telling her to watch her diet and to be aware of possible infertility or problems when she tries to start a family. Again, we were told to wax the excess hair or live with it basically.

This forum is going to be reading material for a while to see what we can do.
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