Hysterectomy or not?

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Hysterectomy or not?

Postby Toljaso » Sat Jun 09, 2012 4:04 am

Hi I'm new to the group so I'll give a quick history of my pcos.
I'm going to be 50 very soon & have suffered from very infrequent but heavy/clotted prolonged periods over the years since I first started my periods at 15/16.
I have 2 children - the first was unexpected as I was told early on that it would be unlikely for me to become pregnant so I didn't see a need for taking the pill! The 2nd was 4 years later after a short time on Clomid.
I've now been told by my doctor that my heavy periods (which wipe me out) are probably due to the menopause - despite the fact that my periods have always been like that! - and that it will all be over in the near future along with a script for Mefenamic Acid to help with the bleeding!
I wondered if having a full hysterectomy (including removal of the offending ovaries) would solve or reduce the symptoms eg. Excess hair, depression, spots, excess weight because logically (to me anyway) if it's the ovaries & hormones that cause the symptoms surely the hormones would be taken out of the mix especially if not replaced with HRT?

Does anyone out there know if this would be the case?
I would love to come off my anti-depressants because I've also been on them since I was 18/19 as well!

Looking forward to hearing your views or experiences.
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Re: Hysterectomy or not?

Postby Hols969 » Sat Jun 09, 2012 10:51 pm

No it wont resolve the PCOS aspect Im afraid as the cysts on the ovaries are only a symptom and not the cause, the name is misleading. Have HRT is similar to being on the combined pill so would help I believe.
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Re: Hysterectomy or not?

Postby cherishu2 » Wed Jun 13, 2012 3:25 am

No, it will not have any affect on the pcos. certainly will not reduce symptoms anyway.
However, I had an hysterectomy, due to periods causing aneamia. Its been great for that and I certainly, dont miss those periods.
But, now I have the early menapause to deal with too. It does leave some emotional issues too, for me anyway.
It's a big op so think carefully about it too. Take about 3 months to totally recover. Ie lifting etc.
It can also provoke prolapse of the bladder and bowel, due to the muscles and structure changing. After all an organ has been removed. The operations for these prolapses are horrible.
I wouldnt have had it doen, if id known all this beforehand to be honest.
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Re: Hysterectomy or not?

Postby beaglelady » Sat Jul 28, 2012 5:39 am

Hi I had a partial hyst in march 2011 I was told even if the ovaries are removed it wont cure pcos. Also under 50 any decent gynaecologist would not remove your ovaries due to the risk of menopause and health risks down the line unless they are damaged or cancerous. I had to have one of mind removed 6 months after the hyst but I had had problems with both before. I dont miss having adenomyosis and endo at all the early menopause is not great hrt help but it doesnt stop all the symptoms. As I said it stopped my pain which was my main reason for doing is. Also prolapses are rare so dont be frightened at that.
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Re: Hysterectomy or not?

Postby celicachic » Sun Nov 18, 2012 5:52 pm

hi, if any ladies are even considering a hysterectomy then request a 'keyhole' procedure, as this is obvs a less cut and your out of hospital quicker
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