I know im a pain!

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I know im a pain!

Postby JenJen » Wed Feb 15, 2012 11:43 am

Although i have PCOS and all they symptoms, i am not insulin resistant which is good, but if im not insulin resistant why am i not losing weight? i have a cholestral of 6.2 which is high, Gyn doc has now made an appointment for me with PCOS clinic, is there any point in going? can they actually do anything? im still taking HRT which has settled my spots and mood swings a bit, but i am really soooooo tired i want to hibernate.

I am that fed up i have made an appointment for my doctor to ask to be referred for a gastric band as i cant deal with all this anymore.

anyone else feel the same, or know of another route that is successful? i feel they just tell you whats wrong and let you get on with it without any support or advice except dont eat carbs!!!! :(
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Postby Hols969 » Thu Feb 16, 2012 9:45 am

The weight aspect is not related to IR, I am not either, we just store fat very efficiently, and as you get older it does get more difficult. You do need to eat less than a non pcos person would so I tend to be on 1200 calories a day so taht I do lose weight, we also need to eat little and often to keep our metabolism higher.

In my view a gastric band is not the answer as you can cheat with it and I know enough people who have lost only a very small amount of weight on it because their 'mental' side is still the same e.g. why you eat like you do (as a lot of us emotional eat or binge eat).

I pretty much dont eat many carbs now as I cannot control my portion size (potato I can a bit better so do have that a few times a week).

I would go to the pcos clinic as it would be interested to see what they say, they should know about weight/diet and pcos and how we gain weight very efficiently (if we eat the same as a non pcos lady (the recommended daily amount), we would still gain 2lb a month because of how our body deals with food and how well we store it).

Lots of ladies use the myfitness pal app for their phone which I think find useful as it says how many calories you have taken in and how many you have used so it can help see where you are going wrong (I havent tried it as dont have a 'modern' enough mobile!!)
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