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BFP After 17 years of TTC and 2 failed IVF - ectopic?

PostPosted: Sun Jul 03, 2016 4:51 pm
by chups108
Hi all,

I used to be a frequent member on here but left after I gave up ttc. Quick background, I was diagnosed with PCOS 17 years ago, tried everything, including IVF (twice and 1 BFP but m/c). Anyway, this year I lost about 2 stone and started to have regular periods but my husband has started to take methotrexate for his psoriasis and the consultant told us we couldn't conceive. I went to the docs last week with a niggling twinge in my right side. I thought it was a pulled muscle or water infection. I almost fell off my chair when a urine test confirmed a BFP. Never have we had a natural BFP! However, with the twinge being on the right hand side she was concerned about an ectopic pregnancy. I was devastated. She arranged for a scan the following morning. My hubby and I went for the scan and were given a scan photo, although I was only just 5 weeks she said that she was unable to see the 'polo mint' shape but this was normal for this stage and the sac was there. My HCG levels were 798 and I had to go back for bloods today and they wanted to see them double, for a viable pregnancy. Of course, the inevitable happened and they dropped to 739. She said that these had not dropped significantly but needed me to repeat the process on Tuesday this week. Again, she asked about my pain on the right hand side and if this gets any worse I need to go straight into hospital. As awful as this is I am hoping that this just goes naturally. I had a D&C once and I pray it does not result in that. I am not hopefully at all that the pregnancy is viable but I am just concerned. Could this result in an ectopic or am I spending too much time on google? :shock:

Sorry about the long winded post!

Re: BFP After 17 years of TTC and 2 failed IVF - ectopic?

PostPosted: Mon Jul 04, 2016 6:50 am
by Hols969
Don't google - always bad never read good stuff. When I was pregnant they thought I was having a mc but wasn't so there is always hope. Is your partner still on the medication? Emotional roller coaster week for you xxx

Re: BFP After 17 years of TTC and 2 failed IVF - ectopic?

PostPosted: Sun Jul 10, 2016 7:42 am
by Joanne81
Hi Chups, hope you went on ok this week?

I agree with Hols, early symptoms are like af is on route so I was worried constantly xxxx

Re: BFP After 17 years of TTC and 2 failed IVF - ectopic?

PostPosted: Fri Jul 22, 2016 10:05 am
by swingblue
Hi, hope you are doing well and agree with hols969, that Google isn't always a good advisor. In case of failed ivf might it worth discussing PGS NGS with yr doc to increase chances for healthy pregnancy? All the best xx

Re: BFP After 17 years of TTC and 2 failed IVF - ectopic?

PostPosted: Thu Nov 15, 2018 9:41 pm
by chups108
Digging this old post up. This unfortunately ended in miscarriage and I decided to quit the TTC journey once and for all and concentrate on my health... On 23rd October I tested as I 'didn't feel right' and was amazed to see another BFP. A huge range of emotions, anxious as well as overjoyed. Still pain in my right side (have been for several scans since the last miscarriage and can't see anything) the doc sent me for a scan. I sat there and the nurse said, 'I am sorry but there is no gestational sac. Once again, the huge rush of emotion took over. I just wanted to leave. She asked me when was the last time I tested. I explained it was in the morning. Anyway, I tested and the test was positive so she took my bloods. She rang me later and said my HCG level was 3665 and was concerned that it could be ectopic due to not being able to see a sac. She asked me to return on Friday and took my bloods again. My HCG level had only increased by approx 30% so she explained that this was a miscarriage again. She explained the procedure including putting a camera through my belly button to locate the pregnancy and admitted me that night. She then scanned me again and was shocked to see the sac and yolk. So I was overjoyed (again!) then told me that unfortunately as the levels had not doubled this was not a viable pregnancy. She sent me away and said I am to go back next Friday 23rd Nov for a further scan if I haven't bled by then... So here I sit, a week of wondering 'what if?' Over 19 years of TTC wondering if there is a miracle that this little bean is still holding on? I have had no cramping or bleeding. I am tired and boobs are slightly tender but that is it. I just hate this wait.

Thank you for listening x